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Pregnant and possible water infection/issues with water sample

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EverythingBlue2020 Mon 15-Jun-20 21:33:40

I'm 34 weeks and just had my second UTI. First one was at 23 ish weeks. No fun at all but easy to treat and won't cause any problems.

happygolucky6 Mon 15-Jun-20 21:16:57

Honestly @Dragonfly80 I know the feeling. My HIV blood test bloody failed came back "inconclusive" I was like 😶😶😶 I know I don't have HIV however it puts you into panic mode doesn't it!! 😅

Having a baby is the most stressful thing I've ever done!!!!!!!!

Dragonfly80 Mon 15-Jun-20 20:46:35

Oh thank you so much everyone smile I’ve been really calm this pregnancy but when I got the letter it really made me panic. I feel so much better now, thank you smile

Congratulations on your 3 week old OnSilverStars smile

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OnSilverStars Mon 15-Jun-20 20:38:02

Don't worry too much OP. Every time I went to the midwife's, they weren't happy with my urine sample and sent it off to the hospital for further testing. I was on antibiotics for a urine infection at one point and even after that my urine results we still dodgy. This went ok over my entire pregnancy.

I'm currently on my phone while BFing my perfectly healthy 3 week old baby. All was fine x

Mummyspider27 Mon 15-Jun-20 20:36:42

My first pregnancy I had an infection picked up at my booking in midwife appointment around 8 weeks. Had antibiotics for it, also had another one around 18 weeks and another course of antibiotics.
This pregnancy my test also came back contaminated and I had to repeat, and that came back clear. One thing I read is to wipe yourself before you give a sample (sorry TMI) as it stops the contamination risk.
Please don’t worry, as you see I had both outcomes and both were fine! Xx

Dragonfly80 Mon 15-Jun-20 20:36:34

Thank you so much! That is really reassuring to read smile

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happygolucky6 Mon 15-Jun-20 20:34:54

I've had a water infection. I'm 35 weeks pregnant. I had one around 23 weeks I think it was. Didn't know I had one, ended up finding out with water sample like yourself and given antibiotics.

They're actually really common in pregnancy and this may not be the last one you get. It's absolutely fine but best that it's treated which is why your urine will be tested every time you see someone. Xx

Dragonfly80 Mon 15-Jun-20 20:28:45

Hi everyone
I’m 11 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I had my bloods and a urine sample taken a couple of weeks ago and today I received a letter to say that my urine sample would need to be repeated. It didn’t say why but it said that it’s usually due to contamination but it might mean that I need a course of antibiotics

I’ve got myself worried thinking that I’ve got an infection that could harm the baby in some way. I’m probably overreacting because I do tend to feel a bit anxious. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of a water infection in pregnancy and whether it’s ok.

I do have my scan tomorrow thankfully so that should hopefully provide some reassurance!

Thanks in advance

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