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Trying to conceive

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Pheebs01 Mon 15-Jun-20 12:59:08

Hiya girls I'm in need of some help. This is my first post.

Me and my partner have been ttc for 6 months now and I am currently a week late. I took a test about 3 days ago and came back with a line a faint one but it was there (pink dye strip test) I then took another of the same brand the line was there but not as bold. I took a blue dye test in the morning waited the time specified and a line came up but wasnt sure if it was an evap line. I had troubles like this with my first who even after a blood test was told I had normal level for 5 weeks pregnant but wasnt pregnant. (Weird I know, but I was indeed pregnant) I'm not sure how I attach photos to show you sorry about that xx

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