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Brown discharge when wiping early pregnancy

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Wedding2018 Mon 15-Jun-20 10:43:21

I got brown discharge when wiping im 6 weeks 5 days ,any ideas ?

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AhNowTed Mon 15-Jun-20 10:55:24

Sounds normal. Only need for concern is if it's red.

Wedding2018 Mon 15-Jun-20 10:57:33

Thanks ,cant wait for my first scan it seems weeks away

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Aereon91 Mon 15-Jun-20 11:16:42

I had brown discharge around the same time. I had a scan at 6 weeks the day after it started because I'd had a previous MC and was worried, and everything was find and dandy with a heartbeat. The next day it got a bit redder and heavier so I went to A&E and they checked me over. It went back to just brown discharge and they sent me home and told me to rest and take it easy, not stress. It lasted for about 2 weeks after that getting increasingly lighter each day until it was all gone. Now baby is going strong at 16+3 weeks smile

I think sometimes it can be cause by the cervix being really sensitive to the hormone changes and just sort of leaking (ew :p) If you're worried, I'd call your midwife triage but for me it was fine smile

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