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North west London - maternity unit recommendations please!

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planner10 Mon 15-Jun-20 10:23:55

Hi everyone, I’ve just found out I am pregnant which is totally unexpected given a myriad of fertility issues on both sides and no help with them. We’re very happy and excited but also very nervous!

I need to pick a maternity unit to be referred to but as I’m going to be a complicated case (endo & adenomyosis, PCOS, over 35, BAME) any insights on any of these hospitals would be really appreciated. I had a truly horrendous birth with my daughter nearly a couple of decades ago and the experience has never left me, which only adds to my hesitations!!

Any info or experiences you can share will be really appreciated smile thank you!

Chelsea & Westminster
Northwick Park
Queen Charlottes and Chelsea
St Mary’s

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