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Preeclampsia swelling

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edin16 Mon 15-Jun-20 00:52:09

I called my midwife in a flaff about swelling. What they asked me was...any pain around the middle, any headaches or any blurred vision? Because they were all no they were reassured it was just pregnancy and hot weather swelling. I had a checkup with the midwife a few days after and they were right, pee and BP were normal.

FLEUR93 Mon 15-Jun-20 00:32:35

Have you thought about buying a blood pressure monitor. I found a reasonably priced one on Amazon that came next day. Might help you keep an eye on it at home.

em90792 Mon 15-Jun-20 00:08:53

Does anyone know any way to determine preeclampsia swelling from just bog standard pregnancy swelling? Does preeclampsia swelling stay or can it come and go?

I developed it at the end of my 1st pregnancy but just protein and BP no other symptoms. I am on 4th pregnancy and although it's less likely in future pregnancies i have been told to keep an eye out for any symptoms. I've noticed swelling this past weekend but putting it down to normal 3rd trimester swelling. At what point do you worry?

It's a right old trek to the midwife due to them closing all our branches, and I have children home and so on due to lockdown so really it would be silly and an absolute nightmare to sort to head over for some normal swelling. Ive had no other symptoms. I am due in hospital tue with my consultant (c-section) so urine/BP will be checked then anyway but was hoping someone could advise when you should be calling about swelling....

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