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TMI alert.... talking s@#t

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MamaMaiasaura Mon 24-Sep-07 10:37:16


For at least the last 5 weeks I have had a funny tummy. Most mornings I have a real urgency to go and when i do is very soft. I am aware that usually when pregnant it usually means you get bunged up.

Last week I was very poorly with sickness and diarrohia and needed an injection to stop vomiting.

My wieght gain is ok I think. was 65kg pre preg and now hovering around 71/72kg. Generally I feel tired but that is about it.

Has anyone else had this?

mixedmama Mon 24-Sep-07 10:45:13

Awen - I think my little visit to hospital last week is a variation of what you have been having. i think i get really bad braxton hicks when i need to go. and when i need to go i really need to go - not nice, but you are not alone.

MamaMaiasaura Mon 24-Sep-07 10:46:11

blush thanks mixedmama - didnt want to put this on our antenatal thread as a bit embarrassed.

mixedmama Mon 24-Sep-07 10:59:20

I know what you mean. My bowels are just ridiculously lax at the moment and it just isnt pleasant. It is awful at work cos if I need to go I need to go, but if there is someone else in the loo i have to sit there and try to wait for them to leave as I am embarrassed. Have you been to docs? Perhaps it is IBS, not sure if it gets exacerbated in pregnancy but might be worth a shot.

MamaMaiasaura Mon 24-Sep-07 11:01:19

After throwing up in doctors room and having an 'accident' there too last week blush I just dont want to go again. THat was because i had a virus tho.

I dont think i have IBS. I know what you mean about when you need to go you need to go. We only have one loo at home and if in use I start to panic.

mixedmama Mon 24-Sep-07 11:07:48

could you perhaps look at what you are eating - maybe related.

MamaMaiasaura Mon 24-Sep-07 11:09:57

I am being very healthly, fruit/veg and good fibre food on the whole.

mixedmama Mon 24-Sep-07 11:15:07

Doesnt fibre and fruit increase bowel movements tho? We cant win to be honest. What about milk, sometimes I fidn dairy really upsets my stomach and I get agonising cramps.

MrsJohnCusack Mon 24-Sep-07 11:18:41

I NEVER had constipation during pregnancy - very much the opposite in fact

very possibly it is the fibre

MamaMaiasaura Mon 24-Sep-07 11:23:13

So perhaps it is the fruit and fibre that is making 'loose'. I do have dairy each day as well.

mixedmama Mon 24-Sep-07 11:37:43

Why dont you try and cut some out and see if it helps... worth a try.

MamaMaiasaura Mon 24-Sep-07 11:38:25

I think I will grin.. perhaps i shoudl eat more norty food.

mixedmama Mon 24-Sep-07 11:56:49

Hot wings and chips with mayo from the local chicken shop springs to mind.

Naetha Mon 24-Sep-07 12:53:33

You're evil MM - I'll go mad until I get hot wings and chips with mayo now

mixedmama Mon 24-Sep-07 12:54:57

Hahaha... might have to get some myself tonight now.

MamaMaiasaura Mon 24-Sep-07 14:19:14

THat has made me really want some now! I just got back from little shopping trip and skipped lunch so wanting them even more! grin <i did buy doughnits tho.... off to scoff some now>

munchkinmum Mon 24-Sep-07 18:38:48

Hi - I'm 10 weeks pregnant. Have had IBS since last year (on and off) since a big bout of stress kicked it all off.

In my first 6 weeks of pregnancy my IBS kicked off big style - the runs, big cramp ups, needing the loo urgently, bloatedness.

My doc said that this can happen, pregnancy hormones soften the bowel muscle and generally make you more sensitive. Wore off after about week 7.

Wish the bl**dy nausea and tiredness would go now too!

Hope this helps.....

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