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I think I have SPD - how can I get comfortable? :(

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Jem1593 Sun 14-Jun-20 19:32:23

So since 27 weeks (so 4 weeks now) I’ve been having intense pain in my groin and hips when walking that just seems to get worse and worse.

Today I was doing the food shop, drove there fine but after about 20 mins of walking started getting horrible uncomfortable pain In my groin and pelvis.

I carried on trying to ignore it but I ended up basically waddling snails pace back to the car in agony and there was a few times I literally thought i couldn’t possibly walk any more.

Could barely sit myself in the drivers seat and had to sit for 20 mins before I was able to lift my legs enough to be able to slowly drive home (luckily we only live a 5 min drive away)

Since getting home the pain hasn’t really gone fully, I’ve tried lying down, sitting down, having a bath (bad idea could barely get in or out 🤦🏼‍♀️), lying with my pregnancy pillow, and I honestly can’t find any way to be comfortable sad

I’m really worried about the pain. Should I contact my midwife? I feel like there isn’t a lot she could do.

Feel like crying I feel so deflated.

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Hastalavistaa Sun 14-Jun-20 19:39:57

I had it and 10 months post partum I still get little twinges for example if I do exercise that involves opening my legs and closing repeatedly!
Midwife couldn’t do anything for me, gave me info leaflets and told me to limit movement, tiny steps (a right pain as I love walking big strides) legs together getting up and down from seats (think like not wanting to flash your knickers). She said it’s important to take steps to reduce the pain because the cartilage between the pelvic bones can wear away otherwise!
Getting in and out of bed, and walking down the stairs was pure agony and involved very loud clicks as my pelvis moved about. I had been very active in my pregnancy and did exercise everyday, and walked in my lunch hour, before SPD /pgp set in. They say it recurs in subsequent pregnancies too (oh joy). Totally sympathise with you.
I did buy a theraband and tried some YouTube exercises (seated) which were supposed to help strengthen the muscles to take strain off the pelvis but I’m not sure it helped much but was willing to try anything!

happygolucky6 Sun 14-Jun-20 19:42:26

Sitting on a pregnancy ball helps as it makes you have good posture. You can also get a pregnancy belt which holds your bump slightly for you and takes the strain off. Like previous poster said legs together when moving off the bed, car etc. Also when getting dressed, sit down and put on socks and trousers.

I find with mine I do a little bit of exercise every morning about 15 minute walk and it helps me not get stiff. It's all about learning when it's "too much" and to not overdo it.


arleybarley Sun 14-Jun-20 19:53:44

Sitting on pregnancy ball with your back straight,legs together and rock back and forth.
Sleeping with a pillow between your knees.
Pelvic girdle belt worn for couple of hours a day,takes the weight of your hips.
Legs together when getting up from bed,car etc.

I've suffered badly this pregnancy with it and these have definitely helped.

RandomMess Sun 14-Jun-20 19:58:44

You need to rest that is the only treatment!!! You must not carry on as it will get worse.

Ice pack on your pubic bone, body pillow for when you lay down.

Hope you have an osteopath that is resuming work and go see them!

LeekPeachPlum Sun 14-Jun-20 20:04:13

Hi OP. I had SPD during my pregnancy. My midwife referred me to a physio who was able to give me some exercises which really helped and talked through how SPD could impact upon labour. I would really recommend talking to your midwife. I also found ice (although unpleasant!) and heat patches helped. Hope you arent suffering too much!

RandomMess Sun 14-Jun-20 20:24:01

Do not walk up steps! I used to go up on my bum at home. I suffered horrifically with #3 and it started much earlier with #4 but because I rested etc it never got as bad.

Hastalavistaa Sun 14-Jun-20 21:29:41

Oh yes - I second the pregnancy ball. I sat one one throughout third trimester to get and keep baby in a good position (after being told he was back to back). Allowed me to rotate hips etc to keep comfy. If I sat on sofa I got very stiff and stuck, struggled to get up!
After reading the other tips I’ll definitely try a belt next time I’m pregnant!
If it’s any consolation in my case spd didn’t affect my labour much - very quick and I gave birth on all fours leaning over footstool. However everyone’s different. I didn’t move much at all in third trimester. Stopped going out because I was miserable and everyone else had to slow right down for me as I crept along at a snails pace.

Keha Sun 14-Jun-20 22:39:11

I got a referral to the physio who gave me some good tips. Things like pressing your knees together and swing your legs round to get out of car or out of bed. Also, thinking about what muscles you use when standing up like squeezing your bum as you stand up and the muscles at the bottom of your stomach (transabdominals). She said that you have to try and strengthen the muscles around your pelvis i.e in your hips, lower back and stomach and bum to help them hold your pelvis steady. I know you might not be able to see someone due to coronovirus, but this isn't something to just put up with and accept. They might be able to do video or telephone advice or at least send you exercises. Definitely talk to your midwife. Mine went away as soon as baby was born.

Gerdticker Mon 15-Jun-20 00:11:59

- for relief now; your muscles are in spasm and the area is very inflamed causing horrible pain. You need to gently dial that pain down, bit by bit. No one thing will be a magic cure, so gently try these;

1. In bed, sleep on your side with a long pregnancy pillow between your knees and ankles. If you don’t have one use normal pillows, but it may be worth getting one

2. Never stand in one leg or open your legs too wide. Keep knees firmly together when turning over in bed. Sit on a plastic bag In the car To help you swivel more easily when getting out

3. Use heat or cool to sooth the pain - personally heat works best for me. Try focusing on letting your pelvic floor relax - everything will be so tight

4. Get someone to massage your lower back and crotch area! Probably your partner or you can even try yourself

5. Wear only flat, well fitted shoes. Or bare feet. No heels or sloppy slippers or sloppy socks - your pelvis is needs stability

6. Avoid deep squishy sofas - sit only on good chairs and focus on pushing your bum down into the chair and growing tall. Try to only sit on chairs where your knees are lower than your hips


NC4Now Mon 15-Jun-20 00:14:53

I found yoga helped

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