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Anybody else going crazy over food cravings?

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HopeWish Sun 14-Jun-20 15:42:02

...especially when it either doesn't exist or the shop doesn't have it in stock!

I have been quite nauseous and not eaten very much for last 2 weeks. When I crave something I feel like I HAVE to have it like my life depends on it!
Today it was leek and potato soup (which I can't find in any shops!), last week it was pizza. I feel like I am going crazy constantly trying to think of a food that I feel I can eat without vomiting!

Please tell me I am not alone?

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lockdownpregnancy Sun 14-Jun-20 16:59:22

You are not alone! I was at a point early on when I ate like a maniac. It was constant. But mine was whatever I could get down my neck as I was ravenous all the time.
My thing now is cereal. I could eat it all day everyday. Doesn't have to be a certain type of cereal just as long as it is!
Hormones are crazy things and your body is going mental and I get it with the hunger thing!
Just eat what you can when you can. 👍🏻

Sheera1 Sun 14-Jun-20 18:39:15

I was like you. Just one thing in the world at a point in time was the only thing I could eat. Tended to be a lot of unhealthy stuff. I found ice poles helped with the nausea a bit but even at 17 weeks now I still struggle with dinner choices as everything just seems yuck.

happygolucky6 Sun 14-Jun-20 18:45:30

Last night at 3am I was going mad for roast potatoes in gravy. Lots of them.

It took everything in me not to come downstairs and make them. It wasn't just a want I felt like I NEEDED roasties and gravy. 😫

Awkes Sun 14-Jun-20 18:48:17

Yes! 15 weeks and I’m either starving hungry or feeling horribly bloated. Not too bad with the cravings as they seem to switch and change but all strong flavours like garlic or salt and vinegar. Everyone in the other threads I’m in are still complaining about sickness so I’ve had no one to share with 😂

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