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Do you check your creams and sunblock etc?

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juliastone Sun 14-Jun-20 10:56:42

Hi, I was just wondering if I'm exaggerating. In the early pregnancy I didn't use some of my regular cosmetics (double serum by clarins because of traces of salycilic acid and chanel foundation because of some spf). Now that I'm 20 weeks I am getting really tired of not being able to use these 2 products which make my face look better, and make my life easier. I wouldn't use strong acids etc. but the information I can find on the Double Serum for example is contradictory, some sources say it's completely safe (including Clarins itself) and some sources say it's best to stay on the safe side and avoid.
I guess I'm in need of some common sense here - would you use these two (Double Serum by Clarins and foundation with spf)?

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sel2223 Sun 14-Jun-20 11:00:34

I didn't check or change anything.....I'm 31+3 and I've used all my usual products throughout pregnancy.
The only things I think twice about are bath products.

OntheWaves40 Sun 14-Jun-20 11:02:57

No I didn’t when I was pregnant but I don’t think I particularly used any, and I was quite OTT about it, using lemon water and vinegar water to clean hmm

MindyStClaire Sun 14-Jun-20 11:09:33

Why shouldn't you use SPF? I don't use any of the more expensive/sophisticated products so it wouldn't even occur to me to check. 36 weeks on DC2.

Leah91 Sun 14-Jun-20 11:10:39

I've been using moisturiser with SPF for the entire time and I'm 33 weeks. My thinking was if it was really known to be harmful the NHS website would mention it, so it's either categorically not harmful or it's unknown if it's harmful or not because it's never been studied. So most products I've tried not to worry about. I know some people advise to avoid retinol in skincare because of vitamin A, but I think again that's extremely cautious. It depends on how comfortable you feel about taking risks and unknowns, but in your position I would use what I wanted to and not worry about it.

NuffingChora Sun 14-Jun-20 11:24:17

I used absolutely everything I would have normally used in terms of cosmetics. The only thing I would have thought twice about would have been a retinoid, but even they pose a minimal risk if used topically. SPF is absolutely fine, if you’re particularly concerned then use a physical as opposed to chemical product, but the SPF in your foundation is in such minimal quantities that I really wouldn’t worry. The advice from skin care experts is generally never to rely on products which ‘contain SPF’ as opposed to a separate product applied in sufficient quantities anyway if you’re going to have any sun exposure. Also, your skin is more prone to burning in pregnancy - so now is the time to use one! FWIW, while this is my own personal opinion based on my own research, I’m a doctor, with two very normal unharmed-by-cosmetics children - and know lots of other docs with the same attitude! Relax, and enjoy your usual products and pregnancy! flowers

MaverickDanger Sun 14-Jun-20 11:24:31

Salicylic acid is fine to use in pregnancy, particularly under 2%.

I haven’t been using retinol and my skin is really suffering.

Jadegkeaney Mon 15-Jun-20 11:40:54

Hey I'm a skin specialist of 10 years experience. SPF and BHAS ( salicylic acid ) are absolutely fine to use during pregnancy, they are in home care products so will be very low concentrate. In regards to SPF you never want to use a extremely high protection as it contains chemical filters which does more damage to the skin then good..use something that provides SPF 15..this gives you a physical protection rather then chemical. I would recommend RAD by environ it's perfect for all year round and great for kids 6 months and over. I use professional AHA/BHA on my skin twice a month as a peel. The only thing you really need to be careful with with Vitimin A ( retinol ) although some cosmetics have it In small doses which would be fine as doesnt get in blood stream but if your unsure on concentration just avoid. When shops open go to a clarins desk and as for reassurance they will help you. Apart from that your fine! grin

theyoungandtherestless Mon 15-Jun-20 13:43:02

Hi @Jadegkeaney can I just clarify this:

In regards to SPF you never want to use a extremely high protection as it contains chemical filters which does more damage to the skin then good..use something that provides SPF 15..this gives you a physical protection rather then chemical.

Is this all the time or just when pregnant? So using SPF30 actually is worse for your skin than SPF15? I thought the Skin Cancer Foundation recommended broad spectrum SPF30+, so I'm confused now! smile

FrankieChips Mon 15-Jun-20 14:00:47

Me too. What does it do to your skin? Dita Von Teese uses high factor SPF and she has skin to die for!

MaverickDanger Mon 15-Jun-20 14:22:00

Most sunscreens made in Australia will only contain either zinc or titanium dioxide which are safe as they sit on the skin.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing anything less than SPF30.

Jadegkeaney Tue 16-Jun-20 07:26:10

@theyoungandtherestless you never want to use a high spf as it damages the skin and can actually cause more scam! A spf of 15 if its broad spectrum filters out more then enough UVA/UVB ..and 98%.. some 30s are fine it's the 50+ which you want to totally avoid. If you want the SPF in your make up I would highly recommend Jane Iredale make up. Its 100% chemical free! Actually has skin loving ingredients and obviously beautiful make up. It's good for your skin! Just find out if it has high volume of chemical filters wont harm your baby it's just shit on your skin.

juliastone Tue 16-Jun-20 09:04:46

Thank you so much for all your great advice that makes a lot of sense and reassurance. I am not using any retinol, the google research showed unanimous results against it. I was using some lactic acid from The Ordinary (lactic acid seems to be perfectly fine in pregnancy, even the most strict sources/blogs say so). But my skin really needed something with a bit of salicylic acid in it, I was already feeling terrible with the extra weight, not being able to properly shop for new pregnancy clothes.. the last thing I needed were zits, being 41 and all!

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3isthemagicnumber3 Tue 16-Jun-20 09:11:13

Does anyone know what is supposed to happen if you use these products that are supposedly unsafe in pregnancy? Does anyone have any reference to studies that back any of this up? I am of the opinion that a lot of this is made up by companies supplying ‘safe’ products. I have continued using all my usual products.

Jadegkeaney Wed 17-Jun-20 23:34:01

@3isthemagicnumber3 it's all based on studies on pregnant women..they dont do studies on pregnant women with such products due to it not being ethical. So it's mostly to cover their backs incase something untoward happens. To be honest most products that are for home use is absolutely fine as it's not going to be active. It's more for professional/ clinical grade products and ingredients and treatments that arent suitable for pregnancy. Obviously retinol has been proven to be so adverse for fetal development in high doses.. mostly in oral uses such as supplements. That's why women that take roaccutane have to agree to terminate a pregnancy if they fall pregnant..its extremely high dose of vit a. Also if something will cause a expectant mother stress or concern.. its not worth using it to save the stress.

Cherryrainbow Thu 18-Jun-20 11:59:45

Ive not changed anything. I use a cleanser most days and if I do wear makeup it's just my no 7 foundation x

Itsnoteasyfeelingqueasy Fri 19-Jun-20 05:16:14

@Jadegkeaney I’ve been using factor 50 on my face as I burn easily and during pregnancy my skin has got lots of sun damage. I’m confused about why it would be better to use a lower factor? Sorry to ask you to explain again!
I’ve recently ordered a Temple spa. life defence cream which I’ve used before. Do you know if that is any good? Thank you 😊

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