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Pregsomnia - feeling delirious!

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RosyCheeks93 Sun 14-Jun-20 09:32:12

Hi all,
I'm 16+3 (FTM), and since around the 6th week of pregnancy, I've noticed my sleep has really taken a hit.
I've always been able to sleep through anything and get a good 8 hours without fail, but now, I'm sleeping much lighter and waking up earlier.
I'm getting around 4 hours a night or broken, light and restless sleep. I am totally exhausted. I don't seem to be able to nap throughout the day either, so I feel like a zombie and baby is a long way off yet!
Does anyone have any tips or help for me? I've just bought some lavender essential oil and a humidifier in the hope that helps!!

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NameChange30 Sun 14-Jun-20 09:37:29

Sleep definitely gets worse during pregnancy although yours sounds particularly bad.

The usual sleep advice applies. Light exercise can help you sleep better. You could try a bath before bed. Meditation can work well, there are apps you can try.

You're probably already doing the obvious things like reducing caffeine intake (avoiding in afternoon/evening), avoiding screens before bed, etc?

If you've tried all the above maybe talk to your doctor.

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