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Sunflowerrr Sun 14-Jun-20 03:08:26

Can someone tell me if this is positive, 3 hours after test was taken so confused also I’m 9 days late no af

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noisyneighbours Sun 14-Jun-20 03:28:38

No photo OP, hope you're ok

Sunflowerrr Mon 15-Jun-20 06:07:04

How do I add photo

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bananabob Mon 15-Jun-20 07:07:41

You click the paper clip and then the plus sign (on my phone app anyway not sure if different on a computer)

sel2223 Mon 15-Jun-20 08:38:36

You can't add a photo as a new member. You have to wait 48 hours.
If the line only came up 3 hours later then it's invalid I'm afraid. You will have to try another test and check it within the time frame stated.
Good luck.

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