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6 weeks from LMP but clear blue says 1-2 weeks?

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Dixywitch19 Sat 13-Jun-20 21:00:18

Hi, I’m really worried but trying not to freak out.
I woke up to brown blood this morning and it’s got worse and much more red as the days gone on. Not too heavy but there Everytime I go for a wee and is slowly going onto a pad too.
I spoke to 111 who told me to do another test with the weeks indicator and also booked me into EPU for Monday afternoon.
I have really irregular cycles but think i ovulated on may 20th, my LMP was may 2nd.
I tested 10 days ago and got a bright positive on a frer then another even darker 2 days later.

I’ve just done the CB weeks indicator and it says pregnant 1-2.
I’m so confused and just praying I’m not having an mc. This pregnancy has taken 2.5 years.

Does anyone have any reassuring stories from bleeding in early pregnancy or anything about the CB being wrong?

I’m a nervous wreck.
Sorry it’s so long.

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Seventytwoseventythree Sat 13-Jun-20 21:14:06

Hi, I had exactly this in early pregnancy and baby is fine and due any minute. If you have irregular cycles (Me too) I’m not sure there’s any point trying to guess when you ovulated really. Remember the clear blue tests are a) not accurate and b) to the extent that they do give you a date, it is calculated from the time of conception, so you have to add on 2 weeks. So based on your LMP you would be six weeks and clear blue 4 weeks so much closer together than you were thinking - again exactly the same as what happened to me and the clear blue was right, I must have ovulated late in the cycle.

The bleeding is concerning I know but unfortunately there is nothing to do but wait for the scan. Even then be aware you are very early and it may not show anything and be prepared for this. The bleeding I had at that point in pregnancy was a harmless and common haematoma, have a search on MN and you will find many stories of people who had early bleeding and baby was fine so it is possible. Fingers crossed for you.

Dixywitch19 Sat 13-Jun-20 21:32:55

Thank you so much for your reply.
Have been doing lots of googling and reading the success stories here on mn too x

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