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When did you/are you going to start buying things?

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user1487755366 Sat 13-Jun-20 11:25:04

I think it's probably a bit early for me - I'm 14+2 now with twins. Having a 16 and 20 week scan. Deliberately bought nothing at all.

When's the best time to buy?

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FilthyforFirth Sat 13-Jun-20 11:27:05

I waited until after 20 week scan last time and will be doing the same this time. Scan is mid July so hoping more shops will be open etc.

peachypetite Sat 13-Jun-20 11:34:09

I’ll also be waiting until after 20 weeks. I’m not due until the end of November so it just feels so early still! I’ve been researching things online though and been enjoying browsing.

sel2223 Sat 13-Jun-20 11:47:17

I bought my very first thing at 19 weeks (a pram, right before lockdown started).
Everything else I've been getting as I go along since the 20 week scan. I'm 31 weeks now and still got quite a bit to get.

New2020 Sat 13-Jun-20 11:50:46

I had exam style nerves as a FTM and couldn't shake the feeling of knowing nothing (hasn't changed!)..not being prepared and leaving everything to the last minute.

So I've been buying bits over the last few weeks and I'm just under 20 weeks

There's a lot out of stock so it doesn't make much difference

WhatWouldPennyDo Sat 13-Jun-20 11:55:48

We have bought a few bits now I’m the other side of 20 wks.

H8624 Sat 13-Jun-20 12:03:46

I might buy a couple of outfits after the 12 week scan just to make it feel more real!

But for most of it will wait until after 20 weeks. especially as we're going to find out the gender so we can buy more specifically! I'm due January so may even wait until Black Friday for things like pram etc and see if I can get a good deal! Will obvs do research in advance so I know what I want!

Emmagen Sat 13-Jun-20 12:10:31

For the most part I waited until after the 20 week scan. Bought a few outfits before that after the 12 week scan and spent hours researching but didn't buy anything else until after 20 weeks.

With number 2 now I'm waiting until after 20 weeks to even get all of DS's old baby clothes out to sort them. I bought a couple of outfits after the 12 week scan and a set of 3 Christmas babygrows when I got my BFP as I realised that I could have a one month old at Christmas and saw them in a sale!

Superscientist Sat 13-Jun-20 12:16:46

I have put it off, I started buying at 27/28 weeks. I started research after the 20 week scan and priced up everything we wanted to buy and where we wanted to get it from. I'm now slowly making my way through the list. We now have the pram and car seat, started the nappy collection (we are using cloth) and waiting for our first lots of vests and sleepsuits to be delivered.
It's been a struggle finding places with enough newborn/0-3 month clothes in stock to be worth making an order. I'm checking various shops twice a week but things sell out quickly. I was about to put another order in last night but I went to the loo and 2 items went out of stock in that time!! Lesson learned!! Order first!!

Talcott2007 Sat 13-Jun-20 12:19:34

I'm coming up to 20w now. Haven't brought anything this for this one (another DD which means we are sorted for clothes for sure!) Need to get a new pushchair as our old one is really on its last legs after 3years of heavy daily use with Dd1 now 4. Will also need to get a new co-sleeper cot as we sold that on. Been looking online a bit especially for the prams but I want to see a few in person to see have they actually feel so was planning on waiting a few weeks for places like JLewis to open up and the initial/potential chaos to calm down a bit and have a look then

EithneBlue Sat 13-Jun-20 12:57:43

I am 17 weeks at the moment -- I am mostly waiting until after 20 weeks, but I have started opportunistically buying a few bits (...nappies) on Ebay/Gumtree when I see them and listing out everything I'll need. I'm also already being given hand-me-downs and loaned items from friends. I'm waiting on major items until later, when I can hopefully get into the shops to look at them (and don't want them cluttering up my house for months LOL).

Prettylittlelady Sat 13-Jun-20 15:06:32

I’m 22+3 and I’ve got a handful of clothes but just starting to think about buying things, I’m going to order my first item in a couple of weeks.

DarcyParty Sat 13-Jun-20 18:35:18

This is my second pregnancy and I started buying at 4 weeks as we need to spread the cost and I saw some good sale bits. If something happened and the pregnancy didn't continue, I know we'd be trying again so it would still get used

Plus I love baby shopping smile

Pipandmum Sat 13-Jun-20 18:42:26

I bought curtain fabric at a Designers Guild warehouse sale before 20 weeks. Love her designs at it was only opportunity. Then cautiously bought a couple things once we found out sex at 30 weeks, buy didn't start buying things like pram until after 30. I thought after that date baby was most likely viable.

Ladybyrd Sat 13-Jun-20 19:14:21

I waited until the 20 week scan, allowed myself to buy 1 thing...

And then suddenly went nuts and had to have everything NOW!

I'm 39 weeks now and glad that I did. Didn't really make any major purchases though as we have a lot from DS.

octobersky19 Sat 13-Jun-20 19:17:18

First baby we started buying things around 24 weeks, we started putting the nursery together around about now too.

Charlottejade89 Sun 14-Jun-20 09:04:28

I bought some bits of clothes etc after my 12 week scan last time but didnt buy any of the big purchases until after 30 weeks. This time I probably will wait until after the 20 week scan as we will be reusing all the big purchases and if it's another girl we have got all of dds old baby clothes we can reuse so I wont have much to buy

Sheera1 Sun 14-Jun-20 11:41:10

First time round I was 30 weeks and hadn't bought a thing. However, my sister's baby was 9 months older than ds so I knew she was giving me baby clothes, bottles, pram etc.

This time 10 years apart so basically a FTM again, I am 17 weeks and have ordered my pram. I didn't buy one last time and went through 4 2nd had cheap prams and hated them all. If buying a pram, some take a really long time to come. I bought mine 2 weeks ago and it isn't coming till September.

I have also been looking on fbook market place for good deals on stuff I know I want and will get it as we go along. Will prob not buy more than a few items at good prices I can resell until after my 20 week scan.

Bizarrely first time round I was really easy going and unhurried and bought nothing and this time I am really worried about this pregnancy (had an mmc a few yrs ago and I am over 40 now) and buying things. I think it makes me feel better?

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