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Advice on selling maternity clothes on ebay please

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mbb1 Sun 23-Sep-07 21:29:13

Hi I haven a HUGE amount of maternity stuff I'd like to sell on Ebay, and would like to know what would be the best way to 'bundle it up'. For example, should I do all trousers/all shirts/ all woolies? Or, a working wardrobe of say 2 black trousers, 2 smart shirts and a couple of tsirts, then a casual pack of 2 jeans, a few tops & tshirts and a woolly? Or should I do a couple of sets that would suit all like smart trousers & jeans & jogging pants, t shirts, shirt, cardy and a pair of pyjamas?
Would really appreciate your advice on this one as would like to clear some space. 3 pregnancies, so had working bump, summer bump and winter bump - so just about covered all eventualities (15 pairs of trousers etc.

I've left it too late to get in on the local NCT nearly new sales and could kick myself about it.

thanks v much

diddle Sun 23-Sep-07 22:15:12

i put mine all on individually, didn't put them in sets, and they sold well. good luck.
obviousy this takes longer and costs a little more, but maybe try a few sets and a few seperates.

moocowme Sun 23-Sep-07 22:15:33

my experience is that bundles never go for that much. people want to know specifically size and brand of each item. unless you have some stuff that is very popular (good brand name stuff) you probably will not get all that much for it, it could be worth saving up for the next nct sale.

NKd1167739100921 Mon 24-Sep-07 09:20:46

From my experience separates work best and I'd recommend posting on a Sunday evening (more people logging on - my husband works for Ebay so know this for a fact - so more likely to maximise number of views and bids).

knickerelasticjones Mon 24-Sep-07 09:52:57

Hi there - I sold all my maternity clothes on Ebay last week and was really pleased with the results. (enough money to pay for the road tax for the next 12 months - oh the joy!)

I agree with NK that Sunday evening is the best time to list items, and also with Moocowme that big brands sell well.

My advice....

-If you have any high end brand stuff (Isabella Oliver, Formes, Seraphine etc) list it separately and make sure you put the brand name in the item description.
-Sell maternity jeans separately and not as part of a bundle (lots of people look on ebay just to get jeans).
-If you have any multiples of similar items (e.g. 3 Next t-shirts, or 2 bump bands) you could sell them as a small bundle.
-Agree with Moocowme that bundles don't always get lots of money but they are a good way of selling odds and ends of clothes. I sold a bundle of H&M, Next and M&P skirts and tops because I didn't think any of them looked particularly special being sold on their own. Plus it saved time in parcelling them up!

But my main tip would be to have a good look through Ebay yourself before you put anything on. Look for people who are selling items similar to yours and see who is getting the best prices. That way you can copy them!

Hope that helps!

PregnantGrrrl Mon 24-Sep-07 09:59:39

Bundles are best for basics like tshirts, vest tops etc. If it's decent jeans / dresses though, i'd do them individually.

mbb1 Mon 24-Sep-07 13:35:25

Thanks very much for your advice, much appreciated. I'll give it a go and hope for the best.

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