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Anaemic and can't breathe

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blue122 Fri 12-Jun-20 12:42:22

Hi everyone,
I posted the other day regarding anaemia and went to get tested and it turned out I am anaemic, I'm now on iron tablets. I'm just wondering to what extend shortness of breath is normal from people that have experienced or know about it?

I've been short of breath for a couple of weeks but over the last few days has intensified a lot. Last night I woke up at about midnight for a couple of hours because I was so short of breath. Woke up okay this morning, then over the last 30 mins I am extremely short of breath again but I'm not doing anything to cause this! I feel like I'm taking big gasps and can't fill my lungs up.

Is this normal for anaemia? Is there another cause? Is it the baby squashing my lungs? I'm 33+2.

I'm not an anxious person but this is making me feel so nervous ☹️

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Abbccc Fri 12-Jun-20 12:52:20

Give your midwife a call today.

Mammyofasuperbaby Fri 12-Jun-20 12:57:00

I am currently waiting in a and e with this exact problem. I went to get a b12 injection and nearly fainted at the top of my street and was taken to hospital.
I need to wait to see the exact issue but I recommend you call 111 immediately as it needs checking over asap but pregnancy assessment units won't admit you due to breathing issues

UrsulaSings Fri 12-Jun-20 15:05:43

I would second speaking to 111. Shortness of breath is a symptom of coronavirus, and if its got worse and is out of your usual experience, perhaps it would be worth getting tested for this.

blue122 Fri 12-Jun-20 15:25:21

Thank you for your responses 😊 if I have another episode of it getting really bad I'll deffo call 111.

@UrsulaSings I doubt it's Coronavirus as I've had my temperature taken quite a few times recently once being 2 days ago and it's always about 36.4 but will keep an eye 😊

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blue122 Fri 12-Jun-20 15:26:10

@Mammyofasuperbaby I hope you are okay! Let me know the outcome 😊

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Redannie118 Fri 12-Jun-20 15:29:27

I was very anaemic early on in the year- not pregnant- and i would get breathless doung very little, ie walking to the kitchen from the living room. It never woke me up though- that sounds very worrying. What colour are your lips? Are they very pale? You may need an iron infusion- it can take 2 months for the tablets to work. Either way, please dont wait and phone 111.

Mammyofasuperbaby Sat 13-Jun-20 09:46:41

I was in a and e for 8 hours (lab issues -don't get me started). So it was my aneamia playing up. Basically I was agitated before leafing the house due to my son taking to long to get ready and my body couldn't keep up with my energy and o2 requirements so I fainted. I'm fine now, I just have to rest.
Although I'm annoyed at my gp as my b12 was so low when diagnosed that I should have been sent straight to hospital for an infusion but instead had to wait nearly 2 weeks to start injections (which are working). I'd still recommend getting checked out as the hospital were very concerned about me

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