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OnNaturesCourse Wed 10-Jun-20 13:14:03

So I'm 4+4 roughly, and at around 3+6 I had a small bleed and major cramping - EPU told me to rest up for 72 hours and basically see how it goes. Bleeding stopped, cramps eased on the last day of rest. Was back on my feet yesterday for a bit and got super crampy, and today I've got pinkish discharge on my liner with cramps on my right side.

Do I phone the EPU again, or just see how things go?

I don't want to bother them as I'm ridiculously early so I don't believe they can do anything except advise to rest.

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LusciousV Wed 10-Jun-20 13:19:24

Spotting and cramps at this early stage can be really common OP. As you are so early, there really is nothing EPU can do. I'd just rest for now and contact them again if the spotting turns into bright red or heavy bleeding or if the pain becomes unbearable. Best of luck x

Jesskir89 Wed 10-Jun-20 13:19:50

I would call them op, sending hugs and hope everything's OK x

firstimemamma Wed 10-Jun-20 13:20:33

Always phone.

OnNaturesCourse Wed 10-Jun-20 13:21:30

Has anyone found that being on your feet intensifies the cramps?

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sel2223 Wed 10-Jun-20 13:24:08

As an above poster said, spotting and cramps can be really common in very early pregnancy.

You can call EPU again if you wish but they will just advise the same as last time as there really is nothing else they can do at this stage. It's too early for a scan or anything so it's just a bit of a waiting game unfortunately to see if it 'sticks'.

Best of luck OP.

OnNaturesCourse Wed 10-Jun-20 13:29:55

I got scanned at 4+1, 4+3 and 5 weeks with my first because of bleeding (no cramps) and because of my history with cysts on my ovaries - they first thought she could be eptopic too. But with everything going on just now I'm not really sure 1, they would want me in the hospital and 2, I'd actually want to be in there either.

I'm going between "it'll be fine" and total panic. Pregnancy hormones have me very highly strung!

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sel2223 Wed 10-Jun-20 13:39:33

@OnNaturesCourse I stand corrected then. In my area, they won't scan you until 5 weeks+
Hope it all works out OK.

OnNaturesCourse Wed 10-Jun-20 13:43:34

I'm going to go for a bath and maybe nap. See how the cramping is afterward, just slightly concerned its more to one side. Could be trapped wind I guess tho, that doesn't explain the discharge though.

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Jesskir89 Thu 11-Jun-20 06:34:46

How are you op

OnNaturesCourse Thu 11-Jun-20 10:48:31

I'm OK.

The bath helped a little, then my toddler decided to join me!

Had a tonne of discomfort in the right side last night and it's still really achy today. Seems to come in waves.

I'm just thinking postive, or trying to, by thinking the pains have been on and off for a week and so far all is ok.

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Jesskir89 Thu 11-Jun-20 21:14:03

Good news x

OnNaturesCourse Fri 12-Jun-20 10:31:02


I'm hoping to book in a early scan for around 6 and half weeks to check everything as I've been so sore, achy and had that bleed. Until then I'm just trying to distract myself which isn't easy when it all hurts.

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