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Anyone else fed up of those who don’t seem to ‘get’ social distancing?

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Gigitree Wed 10-Jun-20 13:05:07

I’m 38 weeks pregnant and I’m getting really fed up of family members and close friends who just don’t seem to fully grasp the importance of social distancing.

I keep having to tell them to stand or sit further away from me on the very few occasions we have met in a public space and I just get eye rolls and they act like I’m being over dramatic or precious.

I’ve been invited to a friends at the weekend and they’re all talking about sitting in her garden sharing snacks, birthday cake and drinks etc. And I doubt I will be going because I just don’t want to deal with the funny looks/comments if I bring my own food/drink and sit 2 metres away from them.

Am I just being an uptight stickler for the rules or would others in my position be annoyed too?

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Itsnoteasyfeelingqueasy Wed 10-Jun-20 23:52:50

I agree, I think it would help some people to get a tape measure out! People seem to think being slightly away from you is enough but actually 2 meters is quite an obvious distance. I’m meeting two friends in my parents garden so I actually see them before I give birth. I will measure the distance and they will bring their own food and drink. You are being sensible and people should respect that x

clo1992 Thu 11-Jun-20 09:46:45

And people who laugh at my direct family that live with me for telling people to step back as I'm heavily pregnant.
Feel people think we are proper over reacting.
It's far from over yet ! sad

Pipandmum Thu 11-Jun-20 09:57:31

Do what you need to. We've been pretty strict and my daughter refused to come on beach walk with me and a friend as it was the day before they allowed you to meet more than one person outside. I thought that was a bit extreme but respected her decision. People really should respect yours.

Bellesavage Thu 11-Jun-20 09:59:23

I think if you're concerned then you should be shielding and not going to these events if they're going to cause this anxiety.

Whiffle77 Thu 11-Jun-20 10:36:37

I think the problem also is that there isnt any scientific basis for the 2m, other countries have different distances - so it's hard to know exactly what is needed.
I have found I am being stricter than most people I know, but it is what it is. Everyone has their own risk assessment. The risk is higher to us preggos but it's still very low.

WeeScottishWife Thu 11-Jun-20 10:49:33

For me it's people I pass outside/in the supermarket. It frustrates me that people will queue politely outside the supermarket 2m apart, and then totally forget about that distancing inside.
I walked past a group of people on the pavement the other day, who didn't move over at all, it was a busy road so I couldn't step off the pavement to go round them. Put my hand over my mouth just to pass them and one of them yelled "we're not that contagious" at me. Sunshine, you are not 2m away from me, not making any effort to move over at all... excuse me for feeling like I should do something to minimise risk to my unborn child?

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