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How long before the 'big kicks'....

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rascal1979 Sun 23-Sep-07 14:12:02

I'm 19+1 and started feeling fluttering movements on Fri and have been having them on and off since then. Really exciting and loving every time it happens.

Can anyone give me an idea of when the flutters turn into 'proper'kicks? Will it be a few more weeks or days ????

DH is desperate to feel it!

MrsArchieTheInventor Sun 23-Sep-07 14:16:45

Mine was exactly 19 weeks and it was almost Alien like - my stomach actually moved, not just a flutter.

It'll happen soon, probably in the next week or so. It's a wonderful feeling! smile

Chirpygirl Sun 23-Sep-07 14:21:15

Mine both started kicking properly about a week or so after the fluttering, I think they suddenly realise they have something to kick against!

Mind you, this one is now pushing and stretching her feet against my ribcage and her hands on my cervix so I feel like I have an internal torture rack, so enjoy the kicks while that is all it is!

yungmum Sun 23-Sep-07 14:24:42

havent felt anything yet but considering im only 13 an a bit weeks im not surprised but i cant wait to be poked and kicked

inzidoodle Sun 23-Sep-07 14:30:02

Everyone is different, I got a few big kicks that DH felt at 16 weeks, but then it slowed again, I think it was about 24weeks before I started getting regular big kicks. I am now 35 weeks and can grab lo's foot!!!!!!!!!

feedmenow Sun 23-Sep-07 15:08:57

Rascal, just to let you know that even when you can feel big movements it doesn't mean that your dh will be able to. For a while, the movements will probably be all yours to relish! To an "untrained" hand, movements can be harder to feel I think. I was able to feel my SIL's baby move a while before her dh could, I think because I knew what I was feeling for and he didn't, IYSWIM.

Cazzybaby Sun 23-Sep-07 15:18:20

I started to feel fluttering at 19 weeks, and within a week it turned into proper kicks, DP was to impatient to sit with his hand on my tummy to feel at first. I think its a matter of timing!!

Bennj Sun 23-Sep-07 17:17:51

My big kicks happened about your stage.

I promise you you will soon feel them and your'll want them to calm down a bit!

Especially if the baby kicks your bladder hard!! Your'll be able to see the kicks soon too - put a frozen bag of peas on your bump or have a cold drink that will get the baby wiggling about!

Enjoy all the movements as it wont be long before the baby is born and your'll miss all these little feelings!

coleyboy Sun 23-Sep-07 17:23:38

I think it was about 22 weeks before dp felt ds kick.

Ahhh, it's lovely when you start to feel them moving.

RGPargy Sun 23-Sep-07 17:26:01

It depends on how big you are too, i.e. i'm a big girl but didn't feel any big kicks until about 24 weeks. Before that i felt lots of movements and squirms etc. I think DP felt the kicks from about 25 weeks.

It's great and i love every single kick i feel!

tyaca Sun 23-Sep-07 20:29:05

hi racsal, i'm 18 wks and got first flutterings this weds. felt them non-stop for a couple of days but has gone quiet a bit since ;-(

really looking forward to proper movement

Naetha Mon 24-Sep-07 08:37:21

I had my first flutterings at 16 weeks, but they remained as flutters until about 19 weeks when they started turning into gentle prods. At about 21 weeks beanie discovered how to kick hard, and exactly where to kick me (bladder) to get me up in the night!

DH has been feeling them since about 23/24 weeks

rascal1979 Mon 24-Sep-07 15:16:07

Thanks for all your replies. Felt loads this morning and earlier this afternoon - usually when I'm sat down eating! - obviously baby is taking after me and likes it's food grin- stopped for a while tho.

Poor DH is desperate to feel it and has spent most of the weekend with his hand glued to my stomach alternating with his ear in case he can hear it - bless

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