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UTI in pregnancy

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Loubylou89 Wed 10-Jun-20 09:03:59

I'm 18 weeks pregnant and have been diagnosed with a UTI which has been causing me a load of grief. I've got pills to sort it but my main worry is if it will affect the little one? Has anyone else suffered in pregnancy with one?

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20viona Wed 10-Jun-20 09:06:20

I had a couple during my pregnancy and it was super annoying but no effects on the baby.

Clemmie83 Wed 10-Jun-20 09:21:57

I feel your pain, quite literally! I've suffered myself! The baby should be fine, it's only during the later stages it's more of a concern.

MissRiss Wed 10-Jun-20 10:08:21

I had UTIs as well as thrust a number of times in first and second trimester, its absolutely normal. the medication provided doesn't affect baby at all. Dont worry hun

Loubylou89 Wed 10-Jun-20 10:47:16

Thanks guys, it's just so worrying. I keep thinking I've lost my pregnancy symptoms since having it but maybe it's just cos I'm under the weather. The pain isn't helping my stress levels!!

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TenThousandSpoons0 Wed 10-Jun-20 10:51:28

The baby will be fine in terms of infection, would add that sometimes untreated UTI can cause preterm labour though so good that you’re getting it sorted! I’m not sure what you mean that it’s causing grief, as long as it’s feeling better on antibiotics that’s good, but do get checked out again if it’s getting worse as sometimes it can lead to a kidney infection that needs IV antibiotics. Hope all better soon!

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