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Your experience with UTI's?

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limmylee Tue 09-Jun-20 20:05:56

I'm quite prone to UTIs in normal times and have had one during my pregnancy so far.
To be honest, I'd ask for a different antibiotic as if it didn't clear it initially you should have been prescribed a different one and a sample should have been tested in the lab to see which drugs your infection would respond to.
Macrodantin is a good one and safe to take in pregnancy. Amoxicillin has been around for so long it's not as effective in some cases.
Go back and insist on a different antibiotic. It's been going on for too long and you don't want it to spread and risk any negative effects on your baby. I hope you feel better soon. They're a nasty dose.

RaN88 Tue 09-Jun-20 19:56:25

Long post. Feel free to skip ;) Had my first UTI at 6 weeks pregnant... Urine sample found traces of e-coli, took amoxicillin as prescribed for a week and it cleared up. Three days later at about 7+5, it came back. Doctor prescribed amoxicillin straight away (10 days worth this time) but requested a sample was dropped in within a week. Dropped it in within 5 days, never heard anything - no news is good news. Finished the antibiotics three days ago but this time it only improved, never really felt it leave my system, symptoms of UTI still there. I called the doctor today and explained that after finishing the two courses, something is still wrong. But as the second urine sample was clear of any bacteria growth, I can't have the antibiotics. I explained that by the time I had dropped in this sample, I was already half way through my course of antibiotics, perhaps it had cleared. Anyway, he doesn't think antibiotics will cure it, no problem at all. But what I'm worried about is his method of treating it. Drink 3 litres of water a day... I am already drinking 2-3 now and barely pee-ing anyway, doesn't that signal something?? Especially at 9+6 pregnant now, should I not be pee-ing a lot!? He didn't seem worried but it feels so uncomfortable. I have been told to call in a week if no improvement. I can't explain in very well but I can feel that inflammation type pain in my bladder area even when not pee-ing, sat I'm driving and hit a bump in the road. Doctor still not that worried. I should trust him but you know when something isn't right. Anyone else had recurring UTIs?? Or did it turn out to be something else?

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