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Clarins...and other beauty products

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Whiffle77 Tue 09-Jun-20 14:25:36

I wouldn't worry, check the nhs website as they state what you can and cant use. Paula's Choice website also have a good summary of ingredients you can and cant use.
The only really big no no is retinol, but even then the likelihood is there will have been no damage (but you should still avoid).

LJEva Tue 09-Jun-20 11:53:03

I've just (at 3 months pregnant) read somewhere that some beauty products aren't safe in pregnancy! I've been using some of these as part of my daily cleaning routine.. namely Clarins Alpine cleanser and Charlotte Tilbury's miracle cream & Night cream (amongst a couple of other bits of makeup that claim to have liquorice root in or something called Salicylate).

I've quickly ordered some safer versions that don't have this in - I haven't used any body creams and I just didn't think of makeup or face creams and cleansers as being anything to worry about!

I guess I want some reassurance that I haven't somehow damaged my baby... my midwife never mentioned to check any of the creams or beauty products I use, she just told me about things to avoid in food...

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