Astrology - Life threatening pregnancy

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alainala Tue 09-Jun-20 09:21:02

Hi Guys,
My friend and I thought it would be fun to do an online chat with an astrologist and I'm a bit concerned with the results. We basically just wanted to know how many children etc we would have. My husband and I are ttc again (we have 3 kids) and my reading said that a fourth pregnancy could be life threatening for me! Now I'm a little freaked out and don't know what to think!
Anyone had any experience with astrology readings?

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difficulttod Tue 09-Jun-20 09:22:44


alainala Tue 09-Jun-20 09:24:17

Yes really!

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Tableclothing Tue 09-Jun-20 09:24:59

It's made up bollocks.

HeyBlaby Tue 09-Jun-20 09:26:30

Astrology is a load of old tosh. I wouldn't let it lead my decision as to whether to choose tea or coffee, nevermind whether to have another child.

bee222 Tue 09-Jun-20 10:10:37

Astrology is completely made up. It’s performed by charlatans with the sole intent of taking advantage of vulnerable people to make money.

user1469530553 Tue 09-Jun-20 10:12:45

Astrology has absolutely no basis in truth whatsoever. Don't give it another thought.


zscaler Tue 09-Jun-20 10:23:42

Astrology is completely fabricated and has no bearing on reality, so please don’t worry about this! Put your trust in medical professionals who know exactly how to look after you and not in a snake-oil fantasy which is categorically not true.

BeMorePacific Tue 09-Jun-20 10:35:44

I’d guess the astrologer knew you already have 3 kids, and has a bee in his/her bonnet about over population. Incredibly irresponsible for them to scare you that way. But yes, it is all a scam. Do t worry xx

sel2223 Tue 09-Jun-20 12:30:45

I love stuff like astrology and fortune tellers etc but I don't really believe any of it, it's just a but of fun to be taken with a pinch of salt.

alainala Tue 09-Jun-20 12:59:27

Thanks everyone, that makes me feel better. We only did it for a bit of fun but when that came back to me it made be a little nervous. I didn't not believe it but it just made me feel uneasy! I asked the question with my only free question and perhaps they wanted me to ask more questions about what they had said because I had to pay for any additional questions...

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borntohula Tue 09-Jun-20 13:02:23

I'd be unsettled in a 'why the hell would you say something like that' kind of way but I think you're right about them trying to get more cash out of you.

Itsnoteasyfeelingqueasy Tue 09-Jun-20 15:52:47

Interesting post! I do believe in this stuff and I guess you kind of do too @alainala

I’d be tempted to go to another astrologer or psychic and obviously don’t mention your plans to have another baby and see what they say.

alainala Tue 09-Jun-20 21:36:36

I have since tried another one and got 2 different answers.. one said another pregnancy could have life threatening complications and the other said I would be able to conceive in August this year and I will have good health before, during and after the pregnancy 🤷🏼‍♀️

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bee222 Tue 09-Jun-20 21:56:48

I’d be tempted to go to another astrologer or psychic

Don’t do this, this is terrible and irresponsible advice.

sel2223 Tue 09-Jun-20 23:04:07

@alainala are these actual people you are speaking to or just some sort of Internet thing?

Desertserges Tue 09-Jun-20 23:10:41

If you believe in this nonsense, you’re not adult enough to have one baby, let alone three. Cop on, OP. Are you going to model this kind of dimwit gullibility for your children?

EveningReflection Tue 09-Jun-20 23:41:02

Sorry but its just a load of nonsense and the fact that these charlatans are making money out of scaring people is unforgiveable in my opinion.

MittensTheSerpent Wed 10-Jun-20 08:49:39

Oh don't be so daft, OP. There are enough real life things to worry about - serious things - than getting yourself wound up over a charlatan. Grow up.

LiveFatsDieYoGnu Wed 10-Jun-20 08:58:14

Any pregnancy 'could' have life threatening complications, but astrology is made up bollocks.

duedatemistake Wed 10-Jun-20 09:02:08

Multiple actual consultants told me my fourth pregnancy would probably kill me and/or my baby
If even they were wrong I wouldn’t worry too much about an astrology reading

alainala Wed 10-Jun-20 09:47:54

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset anyone. We only did the reading for a bit of fun and I just wondered if anyone had done something similar. If I could delete the post I would as I didn't want to cause a drama.

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jeffrey8T Wed 01-Jul-20 16:53:43

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dnellay Mon 07-Sep-20 18:25:54

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Invisce89 Tue 17-Aug-21 09:58:56

Pregnancy should be naturally and should not do anything wrong with this because It can felt issue a lot

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