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Positive stories please. Reassurance needed :(

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milney25 Mon 08-Jun-20 21:45:04

I'm sorry you are going through this, it's so worrying.

I've had bleeding in both of my pregnancies, early on. I've had heavy and light bleeding, lasting from 4-12 weeks. Bleeding isn't always a sign of a miscarriage.

I was always told that if there's pain, and/or you are filling a pad then it's best to call your local EPU to request a scan.

Keep up posted, and I know it's hard but try and stay off google

birdlady12 Mon 08-Jun-20 21:34:03

It’s gone both ways for me OP. I’ve had bleeding all the way through with my now DD11. But on 2 other occasions it wasn’t a positive outcome for me. Hugs xx

OlivejuiceU2 Mon 08-Jun-20 21:27:43

Hi OP, I have sadly MC before and luckily now 34 weeks pregnant. Blood is not always a sign of MC in my experience. I have had more bleeding with this healthy pregnancy than when I MC.
Hope this helps.

goldenT Mon 08-Jun-20 17:32:55

I started bleeding at 7 weeks, I bleed once that was visible to me, I went to the EPU was told I had a big bleed and to come back in a week, I never saw any blood after that went back a week later and I was still bleeding but my body was absorbing the blood so again had to come back a week later the bleed had stopped and my baby was growing to the size should be, I got to 18 weeks had wee and wiped there was light pink blood went back to EPU was told I had a blood clot on my cervix they removed it but wanted to keep me in just to be safe the next day I was told my waters had broken and advised to not continue with my pregnancy they wanted to do another scan the following day but couldn't fit me in so I was sent home and booked in for 2 days later when I went back had a scan then went to see a doctor who then told me my waters had not broken of course I was very happy but also annoyed at the level of stress i been put under all the terrible out comes of baby who water have broken. Well I'm 38 weeks now and my little boy is still hanging on waiting for us to meet him, I know it's hard to try and stay positive when you bleed as I've had a miscarriage before this pregnancy so I was always expecting the worse In this pregnancy. Please try to stay positive

Chicken123 Mon 08-Jun-20 16:52:13

Has anyone had a lot of bleeding early on and their pregnancy has continued?

Started bleeding yesterday morning (5+1). Very much looking like a miscarriage but I’m just holding onto any kind of hope that I can at the moment😢
I am so so heartbroken

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