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Transverse baby 33 weeks

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mumlife13 Mon 08-Jun-20 14:50:41

Has anyone had experience with baby going between breach and transverse at 33 weeks?

Obviously not overly concerned because baby still has time to move! But it's so uncomfortable! What can I do to try and help him move?

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Missdrifter Mon 08-Jun-20 15:17:11

Hi @mumlife13 I am 34 weeks and my baby is doing the exact same. She was breech at my 32 week growth scan but often goes transverse. Hoping someone will come on here with some helpful tips!

Melbs6 Mon 08-Jun-20 20:09:31

I’m only 29 weeks and my baby loves being transverse. He’s transverse about 90% of the time I’d say. It’s just getting to the point where it’s starting to be uncomfortable so I’m hoping he’ll change over the next few weeks

mumlife13 Mon 08-Jun-20 21:51:27

@Missdrifter it doesn't look like anyone has any info to help us 😩 it's so uncomfortable isn't it! Don't know if there's anything we can do to help🤷‍♀️ been doing the birthing ball exercises to try and help him turn!

@Melbs6 it's not comfortable at all is it. I really hope your baby changes for you over the next week or two so you don't have to get anymore uncomfortable 😊

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Missdrifter Tue 09-Jun-20 09:24:29

@mumlife13 I know 😩 have you looked on the spinning babies website? I think they have some tips. Nothing seems to be working for me though. Are you going to have a scan to check the position of yours? I have a growth scan booked in for 36 weeks and they have said after that if baby is still not head down then we will discuss options.

mumlife13 Tue 09-Jun-20 09:38:11

@Missdrifter yes I need to have a look on there I've heard good things about it! He doesn't seem to want to move despite what I do. Was hoping maybe after laying pretty transverse all day yesterday he might have gone head down this morning but woken up with a big head in my ribs once again 🤣

They're both testing us already! 💙 I'm seeing my midwife next week and she's said the same thing to me. If he's still not head down then I will be having a scan at 36 then discussing options.

How do you feel about an ECV?😳

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Chichz Tue 09-Jun-20 09:45:40

Ahhh, my baby seemed to move 90 degrees yesterday at 29 weeks - DH and I actually think the bump has changed shape! - and I was really excited, thinking he/she had got into position... until I started being kicked in my PELVIS rather than ribs! FFS...

Glad I'm not the only one. Did you all mention it to your midwives? x

Missdrifter Tue 09-Jun-20 09:47:43

I know, trouble makers 🤣! My baby seems transverse really high up this morning!
I don’t feel very positive about an ECV as I know a few people who have had the procedure and apparently it’s really painful and it didn’t work for them. I think I would consider an elective c section because my concern would be that even if baby did move head down then I would be worried about it moving back transverse which can then be quite danergous if I were to go in to labour. What are your thoughts? This is my first pregnancy so I really don’t have much clue to be honest x

mumlife13 Tue 09-Jun-20 10:15:58

@Chichz oh no! False hope 😂 they're good at making you think everything's fine and then quickly switching it round aren't they!! Hopefully your baby will move in the next couple of weeks into head down! The percentage of babies still breach/transverse drops at 30 weeks, then again at 32 weeks then again at 34 I think! (That's what I've been told anyway lol) Fingers crossed for you! 🤞🏻 mine was breach at 28 week midwife appt but she wasn't concerned, then seen again at my 32 week growth scan still breach. I imagine if you're baby doesn't spin by 34 they'll send you for a scan at 36 too to check position then! 😊

@Missdrifter oh no that's exactly the same as me! Have heard horror stories about an ECV! ☹️ it really doesn't seem very appealing does it.. and I've seen about risks to the baby etc (obviously very rare but still scary!) will be a really hard decision if we have to make it won't it. I'm a FTM too so pretty clueless about c sections too 😩 hopefully they can shift for us and we don't even have to get into these decisions!

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Chichz Tue 09-Jun-20 10:37:35

@mumlife13 Thanks for your words of encouragement - sorry I can't add any experience myself to reassure you! grin.

I read somewhere that 97% of babies get themselves into the correct position before birth. Fingers crossed! X

Missdrifter Thu 11-Jun-20 11:53:45

@Chichz I wasn’t too worried about the position at 29 weeks. It’s only now I am over 34 that I am concerned. Fingers crossed yours will move on it’s own soon.

I thought I would bump this up and hope that someone will see it and offer us some words of encouragement 🤣! When’s your next appointment @mumlife13?

Mistymeow Thu 11-Jun-20 12:01:48

My baby was transverse and, as one consultant phrased it, was using my womb as her own personal pool. She didn’t move at 36 weeks and they were concerned about her growth so I had an elective c section at 37 weeks. Her position did make the c section more challenging and it wasn’t an easy delivery but she’s doing great now! I’m sure your baby will move but if not they will keep a close eye on you.

AdalindMeisner Thu 11-Jun-20 12:03:43

I did, a bit later actually - think I was about 35 weeks and midwife did a check and said she was transverse. Booked in for emergency scan the very next day by the midwife but she moved over night - it was the weirdest sensation ever. She never properly settled until in labour but stayed in head downish position (didnt engage though until due date). Was told to attend labour unit as soon as waters went or contractions started to check position but she had moved into place by then.

Chichz Thu 11-Jun-20 13:09:30

@Missdrifter Thank you - good bumping too! grin

I guess it's also quite likely that other women had a breech position at the 30-34 week mark but didn't realise, as baby just turned naturally?

Chichz Thu 11-Jun-20 13:10:07

Or transverse, sorry - any suboptimal position basically!

PregnantPorcupine Thu 11-Jun-20 14:23:06

Following as I was told yesterday that my baby is breech (33 weeks). The midwife suggested the forward leaning inversion, breech tilt and reboot manteada from the spinning babies website, but I'd be interested to know what others have been advised.

I'm not 100% convinced by the spinning babies website itself, not least because it contains the advice "Listen to your baby! Ask baby what they might need you to do to help them turn. Wait gently, not willfully, for an answer." hmm

blue122 Mon 15-Jun-20 09:48:15

@Missdrifter any updates on how baby is lying? 😊

Umberta Mon 15-Jun-20 10:46:17

Just placemarking because my baby has been transverse for weeks and I'm 31 weeks now!
I'm not 100% convinced by the spinning babies website itself, not least because it contains the advice "Listen to your baby! Ask baby what they might need you to do to help them turn. Wait gently, not willfully, for an answer." @PregnantPorcupine this made me chuckle... some pregnancy resources out there are so patronising aren't they! It's like, I'm pregnant, I'm not a baby myself!! Haha

blue122 Mon 15-Jun-20 11:16:36

@PregnantPorcupine how's it going for you? I completely agree with what's said on the spinning babies website 🤣 I've got an appointment on Thursday to see how baby is laying! X

PregnantPorcupine Mon 15-Jun-20 13:12:38

Hi @blue122 yeah, we've been very confused - midwife suggested exercises from Spinning Babies (forward leaning inversion, breech tilt, and rebozo manteado); obstetrician said there was nothing I could do to get the baby to move; and RCOG advice says there is no evidence that the exercises work, but some evidence for moxibustion (Chinese medicine) confusedconfusedconfused

PregnantPorcupine Mon 15-Jun-20 13:25:42

Additionally, baby seems to be moving down into transverse sometimes, and I'm a bit worried about encouraging her to move back the wrong way rather than going the right way IYSWIM.. We have a doula who has suggested putting frozen peas on the top of the bump and getting DP to talk to the bottom of it to encourage her to move down (because she likes his voice, not because he's "asking her to"!!) So that's what we're trying at the moment but honestly I have no idea what's sensible and what's madness anymore 🙄

Umberta Mon 15-Jun-20 13:53:39

getting DP to talk to the bottom of it to encourage her to move down
This is delightful, might try this! Anyway won't do any harm!

blue122 Mon 15-Jun-20 15:23:11

@PregnantPorcupine I'm the op by the way I've just had a name change!! Ahhh that's actually sweet dp talking to your bump! I wonder what will work. It all seems like craziness doesn't it. I can't imagine what would work or not 🤷‍♀️ how many weeks are you now and when's your next appointment? X

Chichz Mon 15-Jun-20 15:35:17

Oh goodness - frozen peas?! grin

Hope it goes well for you @PregnantPorcupine and @blue122. This thread reawakening made me look back at my notes... Midwife at 28 weeks (2 weeks ago) wrote transverse but apparently at 25 weeks, baby was in the blooming perfect position!!

Missdrifter Mon 15-Jun-20 15:55:13

@blue122 no updates yet unfortunately but I do feel like baby has moved down a bit as I have more space under ribs (some of the time) I have a midwife appointment weds so I will hopefully know more then 🤷🏻‍♀️

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