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Gender guess (just for fun!)

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Bettie2192 Sun 07-Jun-20 20:55:45

Had a scan at 14 weeks + 3 days, at the moment me and OH want the baby’s sex to be a surprise but I wanted to see for fun what other people thought! Any guesses?
And don’t you all start saying it’s a definitely boy, that’s it’s foot haha grin

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BabyDust13 Sun 07-Jun-20 21:03:52

I think boy but I always think people are having a boy and I've been wrong before

Congratulations fab pics

BabyG123 Sun 07-Jun-20 21:10:25

Boy. But not by the foot. I'd be concerned if it was that big 🤣

MidiMitch Sun 07-Jun-20 21:11:39

💯% girl

Bettie2192 Sun 07-Jun-20 21:13:57

@BabyDust13 aww thank you!

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Bettie2192 Sun 07-Jun-20 21:15:05

@BabyG123 😂 me and the husband had a good laugh when we spotted it

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Bettie2192 Sun 07-Jun-20 21:15:40

@MidiMitch interesting!

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whichteaareyou Sun 07-Jun-20 21:30:15

I think a girl! Don't know if you know but your names on the scan, don't know if you want to cross it out?

gracex4 Sun 07-Jun-20 21:37:14

It's a girl ❤️

Bettie2192 Sun 07-Jun-20 21:38:05

@whichteaareyou I have no idea how anybody guesses lol, you must all have your reasons!
Oh I’m not fussed about my name being on it (but thank you for checking)

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Bettie2192 Sun 07-Jun-20 21:38:40

@gracex4 ooh what makes you say that?

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gracex4 Mon 08-Jun-20 07:26:33

See at ten bottom there's a line through middle (like a little burger) 🤣that's how my midwife said to see it x

Tsubasa1 Mon 08-Jun-20 07:29:54


Bettie2192 Mon 08-Jun-20 09:05:57

@gracex4 you’ve got good eyes then because I’ve got no idea what I’m looking at lol

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Bettie2192 Mon 08-Jun-20 09:06:50

@Tsubasa1 lots of votes for girl now but still a couple for boy

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user1500241218 Mon 08-Jun-20 09:16:57

I think girl xxx

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