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15 weeks FTM experiences?

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RosyCheeks93 Sun 07-Jun-20 14:24:35

Hi all,
I am pregnant for the first time, 15+3 today.
I have a bit of a bump starting to show, but I wouldn't say I've "popped" yet. I have no symptoms anymore, I feel totally normal - in fact, I don't feel pregnant at all most of the time!
I get the odd round ligament pain, but nothing more than that. I may have felt flutters, no entirely sure. But it just feels like a whole lot of nothing at the moment. It makes you worry! I just don't know what to expect and when?
Feeling blessed, but wondering what your experiences were with regards to this period of pregnancy?

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MrsN2121 Sun 07-Jun-20 14:46:50

Hi OP, I was exactly the same at this stage of my pregnancy. I could feel stretching and fluttering too but not consistently and I'd always wonder if I was imagining it! Easier said than done but try not to over think it all, when I had my 20 week scan baby was healthy and wriggling away. Best of luck!

Sarahlovescoffee Sun 07-Jun-20 15:37:51

I am 18 weeks pregnant and was the exact same as you... the wait between 12 and 20 weeks seems to last forever!
I did have a private scan last week as I was so worried, it was nice as my partner was able to come too. Baby was wriggling around and was healthy!
You won't be alone at all in feeling this way as for a lot of women the symptoms have gone, and there is no movement to reassure you- I am sure everything is completely fine though!!
Congratulations and good luck!

mable88 Sun 07-Jun-20 15:45:54

Yup, absolutely the same as you OP - my first trimester symptoms (constant nausea, some sickness, absolutely exhausted) went more or less on the dot of 12 weeks and then there was a period of six or seven weeks before I started feeling movements - felt completely normal and don’t have much of a bump so I was wondering some days if I’d made the whole thing up! We went for a gender scan at 16 weeks, so I knew she was still in there, but I think it’s really normal in the second trimester to have no symptoms at all. Ot doesn’t last mind you - I am now 29+4, bump is very obvious, the heartburn is real, I need to pee allll the time and getting up from chairs is starting to get challenging 😂 Congratulations and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

Margo34 Sun 07-Jun-20 16:16:07

I had days around 12-16w when I didn't feel pregnant either. I didn't feel flutters until 16/17w. It's so disconcerting. I had the beginnings of a bump but it didn't start to look like an actual small baby bump until around 18/19w. Bump has definitely popped between 21-23 weeks, the photos I took look so different!! I'm 24w and regular booted in the ribs and woken up by simultaneous kicking and punching. Between feeling first flutters and around 22w there were quiet days and wiggly days.
The whole of pregnancy is disconcerting and you're constantly wondering is everything OK?
Congratulations OP!

Margo34 Sun 07-Jun-20 16:17:02

(FTM also!)

grace1991 Sun 07-Jun-20 16:23:09

I'm currently 34 weeks, but in between weeks 13-25 I just didn't feel pregnant at all! I felt absolutely fine, not tired, not big, not sick, boobs didn't hurt, nothing at all! Embrace it though trust me grinit'll suddenly hit you again around week 25 onwards. Don't worry and congratulations xx

cfgordo Sun 07-Jun-20 16:33:45

@RosyCheeks93 I’m 15+1 with my first baby too and I said exactly this to my husband yesterday! Happy to be feeling well but would quite like a bump as some kind of confirmation that everything is still going as it should! My midwife did say that at this point you’re far more likely to know if something was wrong than not.

ELW85 Sun 07-Jun-20 16:34:46

I was exactly the same and ended up at a private scan on more than one occasion but all was fine.
Bump didn’t really pop til past 20w, first real strong movements at 19w and then consistent movement from around 22w.
He’s a perfectly healthy 10w old now 😊

sel2223 Sun 07-Jun-20 16:45:33

I'm 30 weeks now and also a FTM. After a horrible first trimester, a lot of my symptoms vanished in the second trimester which is great, but also caused some anxiety!

Week 14 up until my anomaly scan was probably the worst time for me as you don't have much of a bump then and I wasn't feeling any movements at all....i really didn't feel very pregnant.

Once I had my scan and saw her moving about like crazy and they said everything was OK....that's when I settled down a bit. I found out at the scan that I had an anterior placenta which explained the lack of movement (I didnt feel anything till over 22 weeks).

Gradually pregnancy symptoms started to creep back in, my bump got bigger and movements got more frequent. In fact, I'm sitting here now and i can feel her pressing down hard on my bladder. I've just had Sunday dinner and my heartburn is horrendous, I'm exhausted and my head is banging. Oh, the joys haha.

Paris2019 Sun 07-Jun-20 17:20:45

I am 16 weeks, first pregnancy and I am LOVING it at the mo cos all the horrid first trimester symptoms have gone, and I feel like me again! I am enjoying it while it lasts! I have periods where I forget I'm pregnant, which for me is better than thinking about it all the time! I have a little bump, and still get a bit tired in the evenings, but otherwise feel fine. I can understand why it could be slightly worrying (my husband keeps asking me how I know everything is ok!) but I reckon you'd know if something was wrong, so just enjoy feeling well while it lasts!!

RosyCheeks93 Sun 07-Jun-20 17:57:22

Well thank you so much everyone for sharing your wonderfully reassuring experiences! It's perked me right up! 😊
Lovely to know this is all normal.
Just over 4 weeks until my anomaly scan, and it cannot come soon enough. 💕

Wishing you all safe, happy and healthy pregnancies!

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AlviesMam Sun 07-Jun-20 19:06:13

I'm exactly the same! I'm coming up 19 weeks and feel absolutely normal! I'm glad I seen this thread it's made me feel calm. I have an anterior placenta so not expecting to feel movements just get. The start of second trimester is such a weird time as you just don't feel pregnant! X

dani130286 Thu 30-Jul-20 16:59:19

Same here FTM. Currently 14+4 and feeling pretty good. I do get tired in the evenings and the bloat is real, seriously looking like I am 7 months pregnant some days, but nausea completely gone and boobs not hurting but feeling heavy. Have got little bump so that keeps me a bit more relaxed but still booked private scan for 16 weeks just to have a peace of mind, will be nice for hubby to see our buba too. We miscarried 3 times previously (never passed 7 weeks) so this makes it even worse but trying to relax and enjoy that we are so far this time 🤞

Carabu1 Thu 30-Jul-20 17:10:52

This has made me feel so much better! I'm 18+2, and honestly I don't look or feel remotely pregnant. I'm very small, so was kind of expecting a bump by now...I can feel a tiny one if I lie flat, but otherwise, nothing. I am having extra scans for another issue, so saw baby this week and its definitely in there bouncing about...I just can't feel it yet. I'm sure yours is too!

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