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Feeling pulse in lower back- Should I worry?

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Laanie Sat 06-Jun-20 23:55:44

Recently I've been feeling my pulse in my lower back when I'm laying down on my back, sometimes I feel it in my belly and can even see my belly button area move along with it.
I've been having some lower back pains and now I've just read about abdominal aortic aneurysms! Why o why did I Google!!

Just wanted to know if what I'm feeling are normal pregnancy symptoms or if I should be concerned. I am 19 weeks along. Would it be worth ringing the midwife to check, or am I just being paranoid over nothing?

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BlackCat91 Sat 06-Jun-20 23:58:05

It would do no harm to ring your midwife and put your mind at rest.

toomuchteaandcake Sat 06-Jun-20 23:58:04

You have a lot of blood flowing around, so quite normal to feel pulsing and throbbing. When I lay on my back (which I do rarely) or sometimes if I'm slouched on the sofa I can feel the blood pulsing in my lower back. It's most likely nothing to worry about

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