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Did HG go away with 3rd pregnancy's

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Unicornstars Sat 06-Jun-20 19:12:18


I suffered horrendous sickness with my first two babies boy & Girl. The girl was worse (lasted longer) with my son it eased around the 22 week mark but continued with morning sickness. I was admitted several times to hospital both times and took a bad reaction to two anti sickness medications through an IV leaving me with uncontrollable shaking for days which I then had to take vallium to counteract/calm me down. I looked like a junkie coming off of heroin. I hate medication and to have to take all these drugs while pregnant was quite upsetting.

Too our surprise we will be welcoming a third child soon and looking for positive stories of HG not returning or at least having morning sickness instead. I don't know how I will look after my 2 children and be that ill again. I haven't had my first scan yet so it's a waiting game to see how far on I am And if the sickness will reer it's ugly head.

Positive experiences needed please no depressing/non positive stories please don't think I can take it. smile

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CupCupGoose Sat 06-Jun-20 19:27:52

Not sure if this is exactly what you're after but I've had 3 dc. I had horrible HG with the first and third pregnancies but 'just' bad sickness with the second. All pregnancies are different and you might be lucky this time!

Yupimahelecopter Sat 06-Jun-20 20:01:17

Hey, I haven't got the most positive story but like you I had horrible hg with both my pregnancies, worst with my girl (2nd born) in hospital at least once a week from 6 weeks till 15 weeks, I'm 23 weeks with my 3rd (girl) and my hg has gone and I was only in hospital twice this time lol congratulations!!!! Xx

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