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Feb babies 2021

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katiemc89 Sat 06-Jun-20 17:54:03

Hi everyone, I know it’s kind of early but I just found out my partner and I are expecting. I don’t have any pregnant friends so thought it might be nice to chat to some fellow mummies/mommies who might be expecting around the same time.

A bit about me - I’m Katie, live in the UK and have a daughter who is almost 3.

Hope to get to chat to some of you smile

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Piccalily19 Sat 06-Jun-20 18:15:16

Hiii! 👋
I’ve just found out we’re expecting our first baby too, a huge mix of happiness with occasional waves of holy crappppp hahah
I’m Emma and I’m also in the UK smile
Have you worked out your due date? I used the NHS calculator and got Feb 9th!
How are you feeling?

emvy Sat 06-Jun-20 21:09:25

Hiya! Hope you don’t mind me jumping on! Also got my BFP this morning with a One Step IC. Was actually only testing to rule it out because I’d had a tiny bit of spotting so was excepting AF mid next week but was too impatient to wait for it 😂 nice strong FRER confirmed it this afternoon but still very much not quite believing it!

Also in the UK and have a DS who is 2. Not 100% sure of due date because of cycle length confusion but around 14th/15th Feb I think. VERY early days!

katiemc89 Sun 07-Jun-20 08:09:42

@Piccalily19 @emvy omg yay, I had never done a post before and I thought I wouldn’t get any replies with how early on it is. How are you both feeling?

I worked out my due date as the 9th too *@Piccalily19*! Imagine if we had babies on the same day lol

Congratulations girls xx

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EssJayyCee Sun 07-Jun-20 08:53:49

I also got a strong BFP yesterday.
I am currently 4 weeks.

I am 27 (almost 28) from the UK too. This will be my first baby, but my second pregnancy.
We have been trying for two years.

My rough estimated due date is around 14th February 😊

Soph890 Sun 07-Jun-20 08:57:31

Hi Ladies

I’m Sophie, 31 from the northeast. My husband is 32.

Found out on Thursday that I’m pregnant, total surprise me and my husband have been TTC our first baby for 3 years and I was in the process of losing weight for IVF.

We’re thrilled but it also doesn’t feel real. My estimated due date is 6 feb 2021 but not 100% on ovulation day. Clear blue yesterday said 1-2 weeks but very strong lines on first response.

I’m so so scared, I’ve felt crampy for the last 3 days, I’ve had no bleeding but just have an awful feeling that I can’t shake.

Is anyone else experiencing cramping?

Lovely to meet you all x

katiemc89 Sun 07-Jun-20 09:15:53

@Soph890 (hopefully you get this response because I couldn’t reply to you for some reason)

Congratulations on conceiving. I don’t know first hand the struggle but I know a friend of mine tried for years so I know how soul destroying it can be.

I am having cramping this time around (I don’t remember it with my first) but from what I read mild cramps like period pains are quite normal because it’s already changing a lot so try not to worry about that (easier said than done).

With my first I worried nonstop - terrified something would go wrong. It didn’t and it took a lot away from the experience. Wish you all the luck xx

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katiemc89 Sun 07-Jun-20 09:17:00

@EssJayyCee congratulations to you too lovely! How amazing is it to conceive after so long trying.

So glad I started this thread. Really nice to speak to you all xx

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Piccalily19 Sun 07-Jun-20 09:39:14

@katiemc89 oh my god that would be amazing if we did haha! 😂 How exciting, congrats btw! I’m feeling ok so far, I did have realllly tingly almost itchy boobs but they’ve died down and now it’s just waves of tiredness, cramp and bloating! What about you?

@EssJayyCee I’ve just turned 28 so we’re about the same age ☺️

@Soph890 that is AMAZING! So happy for you, I can’t relate personally but I have a friend who’s just had an ivf baby after yearsssss of waiting. Maybe it’s just your time?! Try to enjoy smile I’ve had some cramping on and off too if that helps put your mind at ease. But I’m also a worry head and won’t be happy until baby is here!

@emvy it doesn’t feel real for me either! We keep talking about things like names and it feels so weird!

Soph890 Sun 07-Jun-20 09:52:34

Thanks so much! I feel so much better already. Think it’s just something we’ve wanted for so long and dreamed about in worrying about every little thing.

Will be lovely to go through this all with you 💕 xxx

Isadora2007 Sun 07-Jun-20 09:57:28

My second grandbaby is Due next February. My daughter seems to be experiencing some cramps, restless legs at night and difficulty sleeping. I have ordered her those clear Kiev digital tests to see the weeks hopefully go up if she does one now and in a fortnight... for reassurance. I think she was going to contact the GP surgery to get added to the midwifery service around six weeks pregnant so maybe mid June?

katiemc89 Sun 07-Jun-20 10:20:37

@Piccalily19 we’ll have to keep in touch and see if they make an appearance together lol. I’m feeling alright. Had a few cramps and sore boobs (took my bra off the other day and it felt like someone had filled my boobs with lead haha) but other than that not much else to report.

@Soph890 it’s going to be impossible not to worry, it’s the best and scariest thing. As the weeks tick by you’ll get more and more confident.

@Isadora2007 congratulations on grandbaby. Hopefully your daughter is doing well.

That’s a point actually - who have you all told? I’ve told 2 of my friends (and my partner obv haha) but saving family until 12 weeks

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Piccalily19 Sun 07-Jun-20 11:45:30

@katiemc89 I’ve only told my partner (and our doctors surgery but don’t think they count hah)
My partner is desperate to tell his family but I’ve told him I want to wait a little bit longer and I’ll have to tell my mum first or she’ll be annoyed 🙄
My work gets quite chaotic July onwards so thinking I’m going to have to tell family and my manager then just in case.
Is anyone thinking of getting a private 8 week scan? I’m really tempted!

JessicaPeach Sun 07-Jun-20 11:46:54

Hi All, there are two threads already for Feb 2021 babies so you aren't too early at all! We also have a fb and a WhatsApp chat. Pm me if you'd like the link smile

katiemc89 Sun 07-Jun-20 12:14:24

@JessicaPeach pm’d you smile

@Piccalily19 I tried to tell my doctor but they weren’t interested lol got to self refer myself to midwives. I know what you mean about families - we’re going to do both sides at the same time so no one can be jealous lol

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Piccalily19 Sun 07-Jun-20 12:47:51

Hii @JessicaPeach I’ve pmd you smile

@katiemc89 Oh that’s annoying! I thought they’d want me on to test again but they just said the midwife will call me next week 🤷‍♀️

Does anyone on their second baby (including yourself OP!) have any recommendations of useful books or resources that will teach a complete baby novice such as myself everything I need to know about newborn care and pregnancy?
There are no babies in my family so need to learn everything from nappies, burping, holding, sleeping etc 😅🙈 no idea where to start!

emvy Sun 07-Jun-20 12:54:47

Congratulations, all! How wonderful that we’re all here so early. This is the earliest I’ve known about a pregnancy (4th pregnancy, hopefully 2nd baby!) and it feels like FOREVER until the 12 week scan!

So @Piccalily19 you’ve contact gp already? What’s the procedure? I think I’m going to wait for 6 weeks (had 1 miscarriage at 6.5 weeks so trying to get close to that) and I remember with DS that we had a booking in the midwife at 8 weeks but I’m assuming that will be different this time as last time she came to my house which obviously won’t be happening this time around!

Wave to @EssJayyCee, lovely to see you over here too! I feel really positive that this will work out for you 🤞🏻

I’ve been having cramps. In fact enough that I thought AF was on its way! They’ve died down mostly today but still on and off. Waves of nausea but that’s it symptom wise. With DS I had super sensitive smell and couldn’t stomach the thought of hot drinks (not like me at all) but not having those symptoms... hoping they come next week!

We’ve told both sets of parents. After the miscarriages we decided it’s never too early as we’d tell them if we lost the baby anyway! It’s really nice to talk to other girls about what is going on smile

emvy Sun 07-Jun-20 12:57:02

@Piccalily19 I’m second baby. I read a wonderful book on hypnobirthing (will find title when home later). I didn’t do any courses just read the one book and I had the most amazing birth my with DS. I was very lucky not to have any complications so that’s the main reason but I did find the techniques incredibly helpful to get me in the zone for birth. I know that’s so so so far away and no one is thinking about that yet but hopefully we all get there eventually!

EmbarrassingMama Sun 07-Jun-20 13:26:35

Can I join!? Just got my BFP this morning at 13dpo, although it was feint so I will test again in a few days. DD 12th FEB.

I’m 31, live in London with DH and have a DD who is almost 2. Been TTC since January (half heartedly, it’s tough with a toddler!).

Anyone know about booking appointments these days? I assume they’re not going to want to see us very much at hospital!?!

ChunkyButFunky87 Sun 07-Jun-20 13:30:00

Tentatively joining ladies

I'm 33 (next week!) have one DD whose 3. I had a chemical last month, and this morning I got a very faint line, not actually due on until tomorrow. If all goes smoothly we'll be on for a Valentine's Day baby, just praying It's a sticky bean this time

katiemc89 Sun 07-Jun-20 14:02:42

I’m so happy to have so many people joining!

@ChunkyButFunky87 got everything crossed for you.

@EmbarrassingMama I have no idea about appointments or anything. I tried calling my gp but they weren’t arsed and told me to call the midwives service direct. No luck getting hold of them. I’m lead to believe the booking appointment and scan are rolled into one because of covid so it could be a while before we see anyone!

@Piccalily19 I never read any books I don’t think confused Probably very cocky of me thinking about it now! Lol. The only book I have is the Day-By-Day pregnancy book which a friend got for me. But it doesn’t actually tell you how to look after one haha

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Chazzii95 Sun 07-Jun-20 14:33:18

Hi smile I found out a few daya ago im around 5 weeks pregnant due around 12th Feb! I'm from west Yorkshire ❤

BohemianChastity Sun 07-Jun-20 16:16:59

Hi, Im 6 weeks pregnant with 4th unexpected child because I AM BLOODY 46! Just seen all your messages and how young everyone is and now feeling a bit tearful. I had already posted on the main pregame's thread then saw this so thought I would say hello and say congrats to you all although I cannot utter the words PG yet as in utter shock.

katiemc89 Sun 07-Jun-20 18:23:58

@Chazzii95 congratulations. Is this your first? How are you feeling?

@BohemianChastity oh sweetheart. Age is just a number. We’re all in the same boat. Good luck xx

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Piccalily19 Sun 07-Jun-20 18:50:52

@emvy tbh I had no idea what the procedure was so I just rang to see! I had in my head you had to go in for a test of some sort to confirm before they referred you to midwives but I don’t know whether they’ve stopped that because of Covid or maybe it just isn’t a thing. They just said the midwife there would call me next week (guessing just to check health kind of catch up?) and then they told me to come pick up a pack which was basically just a few pages on when scans would typically be done etc. P.s. that book sounds interesting, anything that stops me panicking unecessarily!

@katiemc89 How did you know what to do?! 😂🙈 I’m one of the oldest of my generation in my family so have no babies around me to practice on!

Congrats @EmbarrassingMama @ChunkyButFunky87 @Chazzii95!

And also big congrats to @BohemianChastity ! One of my close friends mums didn’t have her or her brother until around 40 and they’re super close now so you’ll ace it! How old are your other children?

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