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Weight gain

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ilovetrees30 Sat 06-Jun-20 08:35:17

I am 10 weeks on Monday so I thought I would weight myself. I have put on 4lbs in these ten weeks of pregnancy. Everything I have seen has said this is too much 😞 I think the issue is I haven't been able to exercise because I am so exhausted and nauseous but to counter the nauseousness I have been snacking. Will the midwives moan when I have all my tests done at my 12 week scan?

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LusciousV Sat 06-Jun-20 08:39:49

Honestly, don't worry about it! I'm due to give birth next week and haven't been weighed once at an antenatal appointment. You have to do what you have to do in the first trimester to ease the nausea so if it helps, keep eating.

I lost weight in the first trimester, put it on steadily in the second and ballooned in the 3rd. Don't concern yourself with weight gain at this stage.

Pipperleen Sat 06-Jun-20 08:41:45

I don’t think they will moan - I wasn’t even weighed at my scans and I am a higher risk pregnancy due to being overweight in the first place.
Even if you are weighed then I don’t think they will moan or make you feel bad, they might just give you some advice on coping with the nausea etc.

Gerdticker Sat 06-Jun-20 10:05:47

Don’t worry about it

I was BMI 22 and gained a lot early too, mainly due to my boobs growing plus bloating from fluid retention. At 19 weeks I’ve gained nearly a stone but my boobs have also gone from AA- c cup already!

Try to get exercise such as walking as much as poss, and eat a wide range of good whole foods, and don’t stress about it x

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