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Pregnancy Symptoms & are these normal?

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Rainbow1991 Fri 05-Jun-20 22:13:32

Hi ladies,

I'm currently 7 weeks this week and up until now I've had some bloating, boobs have become bigger and I'm totally off tea and coffee.
I've had no nausea and started to panic! Haha

Tonight I've had the most excruciating stabbing like pains in my one nipple ( tmi sorry) and I just wanted to check was this normal? Has anyone else experienced this?
I honestly can't touch it! Had to get my bra off ASAP and even having a pj top on touching it hurts! I've resorted to a heat pack on top of my boob which seems to have stopped the stabbing like pains. Just wanted to see if anyone else has had similar experiences or not?

Thanks! X

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jdy123 Fri 05-Jun-20 22:27:20

I had similar ! Shooting pains in my nipple and sometimes my boob too!
I am guessing it's normal...I'm 32 weeks now and only really had it around those earlier weeks 🙂

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