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Morning sickness...

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Cottage12 Thu 04-Jun-20 16:50:13

Hi, I’m 11 weeks tomorrow and have been struggling with morning sickness since 8 weeks. Prior to then it was just nausea. I’d actually got into a bit of a routine with my sickness and had accepted that no matter whether I ate or not I would be sick in the morning and as long as I could get past lunch I’d be ok and the afternoons/ evenings would just be nausea. Then in the last week I’ve woken up a couple of times in the night to be sick and for the past 24 hours haven’t been able to keep anything in - dinner, breakfast, lunch have all come back to visit again!
Just wondered if this is normal as everyone I speak to has only ever had nausea and actually only vomit once or twice in the whole first trimester!
Any opinions welcome, (especially those that saw a miraculous recovery at 12 weeks!) and a top tip to anyone else also struggling - Pom bear crisps!!

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Quiffy Thu 04-Jun-20 16:54:54

Have you contacted your GP? I've been on anti-sickness tablets since around 6 weeks. I started off with nausea and then got more and more sick during the day until I got the tablets.

I'm still struggling with nausea but only being sick 2-3 times a week now which is a lot better. Hopefully it disappears for you soon - sickness and nausea is no fun.

Cottage12 Thu 04-Jun-20 17:08:16

Thanks, being sick 2-3 times a week honestly sounds amazing to me right now! Glad you’re feeling better! I’m just worried they’ll say I don’t qualify - it’s just so hard to know what’s normal and what’s too much!

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Superscientist Thu 04-Jun-20 17:16:43

Definitely speak to your gp. I got antinausea meds that made a huge difference. My sickness went the first time at about 11 weeks but returned briefly at 16 weeks and properly at 25 weeks but not as bad as the first trimester. The antinausea meds mean I'm now rarely sick and can eat if I'm careful whilst nauseous

sel2223 Thu 04-Jun-20 17:29:25

I had to get some anti sickness meds from the GP.

Happy to report that my sickness actually started subside between 11 and 16 weeks so it was slightly better each week...I've only had the odd random episode since then and (touch wood) I've not been sick at all in about 10 weeks (I'm now 30 weeks).

The first trimester is an absolute killer but hopefully you should start to feel better over the next few weeks.

Quiffy Thu 04-Jun-20 17:34:36

@Cottage12 before the tablets I was being sick at least 3 times a day and was borderline hospital. The day before I called the GP I was sick 6 times and just going from bed to sick bowl. The tablets are definitely worth it - I dont see a GP saying you're not worthy of them as dehydration can be so dangerous.

Makes a big difference to be able to do normal (well normal in these times) things without running to the loo all the time. Definitely worth a shot!

Tfoot75 Thu 04-Jun-20 17:41:48

Too much depends on whether you can cope with it and go about your normal life I think. I coped without any meds in my first pregnancy but was sick an awful lot and lost a fair bit of weight, it started to ease around 14 weeks but I was occasionally sick all the way through. 2nd pregnancy I had a stomach bug around 6 weeks and that seemed to set it off, a day after the symptoms of that eased I just couldn't stop being sick so I had anti sickness meds and had to stay on them til about 20 weeks in the end. The nausea didn't go away but I was sick an awful lot less. Don't feel bad for needing meds you don't need to be hospitalised etc before you ask for them.

Cottage12 Thu 04-Jun-20 18:31:41

Thank you so so much everyone. So useful to hear your experiences and will definitely call my GP tomorrow to see if I can get the meds.
I can imagine the next stress will be the fear of when to come off them if they work well!

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kidsareok Thu 04-Jun-20 18:47:16

Hi OP! Ahh tell me about it - I know how you feel. I'm 11+5 and have had terrible sickness. Weeks 7-9 were horrific and then for some reason week 10 was ok?! I thought I was in the clear but week 11 has been one of the worst 😩. I haven't had any tablets as I lee hoping it'll go away in a week or 2 - but if it doesn't I'll seriously be considering it. For me it's the food aversions that make me so ill - I can't even think of food without 🤢. I'm getting so tired of it - I just want to be able to have a nice meal and to sit and relax, but even typing 'meal' then turned my stomach! It's SUCH a slog. I'm fine when I get up and actually manage breakfast, lunch isn't great and then 4pm hits and I just vomit and cry and can't even force a glass of water down. I would love to just be put to sleep between 4pm-8pm because it's actually just hell every evening! If the tablets work let me know! I'm giving it another week and then probably going to see my GP x

Cottage12 Sat 06-Jun-20 09:45:39

Just to update, I got some meds from my GP yesterday morning and already feeling so much better. Still nauseous but amount of times I’ve been sick has reduced so hopefully they continue to kick in and give me my life back! Thanks again everyone!

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