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Scan worries

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orangetangerines Thu 04-Jun-20 12:55:57

So i should be 7+2 i had bleeding last week so phoned the epu and nobody got back to me. I booked a private scan and had an internal which measured me at 6+2 (my dates were 6+4) so no worries there! Heartbeat seen, CRL measuring 6.4mm
EPU finally got back to me today and asked me to come in, so i've got in and they've done an abdominal scan and measured me at 6 weeks with a CRL of 5.4 but heartbeat was fine.....
I've messaged the midwife and she said they can just be pretty innacurate which i agree with but is the massive difference because a vaginal scan is much more in depth than an abdominal one? I've worked myself up into a right state now😂
Midwife and sonographer didn't seem phased at all!

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sel2223 Thu 04-Jun-20 14:12:47

It's not a massive difference OP, it's literally a mm and there can be lots of reasons for that (position, movement, how full your bladder was, the accuracy of transvaginal versus abdominal at this stage). It's pretty common.

My first scan I thought i was 7+5 but baby only measured 6+1. By my dating scan, she'd caught up by a week which fits perfectly with when I believe I conceived.

orangetangerines Thu 04-Jun-20 15:07:36

@sel2223 you're right, i was just worried because of going backwards but its so hard to measure accurately when theyre less than a cm! Thanks for responding!

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