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Another stupid question: kick chart

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fleacircus Sat 22-Sep-07 08:53:46

Am supposed to start filling in kick chart this week. Can someone tell me (without laughing, if you can manage it, but will understand if not) whether I'm supposed to count each individual movement or each 'set' of movements? So if she whacks me seven times in a row, is that seven or one? Lordy, I'm dense... blush

compo Sat 22-Sep-07 08:54:54

My midwife said only worry if you feel less than 10 movements a day.
I wouldn't bother with the chart tbh.
How many weeks are you?

Caz10 Sat 22-Sep-07 09:50:07

fleacircus how many weeks are you?

oh, d'oh you have been asked that already, sorry.

anyway I am REALLY hoping someone has the answer to this as I am equally dense!!

lulumama Sat 22-Sep-07 09:53:18

are you overdue?

fleacircus Sun 23-Sep-07 14:16:03

No, not at all, only in 28th week which is when chart midwife gave me begins. But have developed OCD in the form of bizarre 'must do my homework' type attitude with all pregnancy-related 'tasks' (to an embarrassing extent - if you think this kickchart thing excessive you should see my diet sheet. Oh yes.).

BetsyBoop Sun 23-Sep-07 16:41:34

TBH I wouldn't bother with the kick chart, a lot of m/w teams don't bother with them any more, as they cause unnecessary angst, and you m/w certainly won't be marking your "homework" grin

The advice often given now is to get used to your baby's pattern during waking hours and if you feel there is a change in that pattern, get it checked out, as every baby has a different pattern of movement.

fleacircus Mon 24-Sep-07 18:47:21

That's the thing though, I know I don't need it but am completely incapable of not doing it! It's only a count to ten type chart, just means noting down the time when I get to ten, nothing complicated. But as I don't know what counts as a single movement I'm a bit scuppered. Caz10, I'm glad it's not just me!

agr4y Mon 24-Sep-07 22:53:27

I asked my MW about this today and she said 10 in a row wouldn't be good enough and that they should be spread over the day.

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