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Tips for dealing with sickness

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HopeWish Thu 04-Jun-20 11:33:20

Hello ladies,

So morning sickness hit me last Friday (at exactly 6 weeks) and just seems to be getting worse each day. Struggling to eat anything at all. Forced myself to eat a piece of baguette this morning but immediately felt sick and now laying in bed unable to move for sickness.

Yesterday I vomited 10 times in the morning and spent the rest of the day in bed until about 7. The nausea didn't go away until about 8pm and is back today with a vengeance.

I have bought travel sickness bands, tried eating before getting up, drinking water when I can, ginger tea, sniffing lemon slices. None of them are working for me today. Please give me all your tips on how you dealt with it! I am trying to be positive but really cannot face however many more weeks of this. Do you get used to it?

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Aimz15 Thu 04-Jun-20 11:43:41

Hi, I really feel for you! I was very similar and everything I tried just made me feel sick or actually sick.

I managed with ready salted crisps and jacket potatoes.

I'm 11 weeks now and I got to a point where I was being as sick as you have and couldn't keep fluids down. I had to ring the doctors, they diagnosed me with hyperemisis and advised me to go on anti sickness medication as likelihood was I would become dehydrated and potentiallt hospitalised. I would definitely seek advice from your GP.

I tried the sickness bands too as they worked really well for motion sickness for me but didn't find them much help for this.

Hope you feel better soon!

crazybutkind Thu 04-Jun-20 11:45:27

Potatoes in any form and fizzy drinks was the only thing that got me through until I finally went to the doctor because I just couldn't keep anything down. They gave me some tablets which helped

HopeWish Thu 04-Jun-20 11:49:08

Hi @Aimz15 thanks for your reply.

How long did you have it like I do before you called GP. I have a phone appt tomorrow so could mention it then but don't want them to tell me that I havent had it very long and to wait it out.

Did the anti sickness meds help? Do you still gave sickness now?


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Aimz15 Thu 04-Jun-20 12:01:59

@HopeWish I should have gone to the GP sooner really as I was a bit reluctant to be put on medication, however when they explained the risk of dehydration over there being no known risk of the medication it made me feel a lot better.

From what I was told being sick 10 times a day is excessive, I lost weight and had to take time off work. I would definitely mention it to them, the first time I went I was only being sick about 5 times and they offered me the medication then at about 6/7 weeks. From what I gather the earlier you take medication the more effective it is meant to be.

I have found the medication they prescribed me really helpful I've still been sick a few times and had a couple of bad days, but so much more manageable and some days are more or less normal which makes it easier to deal with the bad ones!

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