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7 Days DPO faint positive?

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Jess944 Wed 03-Jun-20 14:53:42

Hi, new to mums net but due to a MC last year very nervous to tell anyone I know I may be preggers again. We've been TTC for 8 months so far. I got a faint line today could it be positive? Xx
Also had to change lighting on photo as it wouldn't show on camera light!

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ToothFairyNemesis Wed 03-Jun-20 15:08:32

There is no photo.

Jess944 Wed 29-Jul-20 21:11:11

Sorry update this, it was very faint but I am in fact over 12 weeks pregnant now! So hopefully everything will work out okay x

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wishing3 Wed 29-Jul-20 21:12:31


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