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Food in labour

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Zoey92 Wed 03-Jun-20 18:05:59

I have been told they wont provide for my partner (thats only due to whats going on & also canteen is closed) but hes more than welcome to bring in mug shot, pot noodles etc an obv whatever else

MichelleOR84 Wed 03-Jun-20 18:00:23

We brought snacks but I barely ate a thing for my entire 49 hours of labour . I had no desire . My hospital serves food and I tried nibbling on a piece of buttered toast but barely managed . I’m sure in your situation the hospital would bring you food to your room ? They have to feed patients so they must have a system in place . My hospital serves 3 meals a day at set times . You honestly might not want to eat though !

BeautyAndTheBump1 Wed 03-Jun-20 15:56:11

I thought about this too. On a normal occasion hubby would pop to McDonalds etc but wont be allowed. I've packed some pot noodles etc but they will only go so far right?! I thought about if I'm in labour and dont want food and they ask me, I'll say yes and then just 'attempt' to eat it and then give it him to eat instead grin

happytoday73 Wed 03-Jun-20 15:56:00

I threw up everything I ate from start of labour onwards... After 36 hours the toast after birth (offered to both of us as breakfast time) was fab.
We took our own food but hubby did go to hospital cafe for a meal

Gerdticker Wed 03-Jun-20 15:52:54

Well done for thinking of your husband!

It’s really important to plan for the birth Partner too - they need to keep Their energy up to best support you smile

- I was my sisters birth partner and it was a long labour, I needed proper food!

Great idea to take anything savoury just in case the hospital doesn’t provide stuff (we were in a midwife-only unit and the warned us they Before that they didn’t provide food, so we took our own)

Maybe a pasty, Sandwich, wrap, cereal bars, juice

MotherofKitties Wed 03-Jun-20 14:31:13

When I had my DD nearly 3 years ago we went prepared with snack bars, cold pizza (we were cooking a pizza every day from my due date so we had some in case I went into labour!), chocolate etc in case it was a long labour or DH got hungry.

As it happened I gave birth so quickly there wasn't any time for pain relief let alone food, but it's fairly usual to take a decent amount of snacks even in pre-pandemic times, so throw some in your hospital bag ready and waiting just in case.

And also, whilst the tea and toast you'll get after giving birth is the best food you've ever had (trust me, when you have it you'll know), you'll be starving and wanting to demolish everything in sight so if you don't eat during your labour, you certainly will afterwards smile

bluemoon2468 Wed 03-Jun-20 13:13:16

Instant noodles are a great idea, thank you! Didn't even think of that!

@HauntedGoatFart honestly my DH isn't the type to moan at all about stuff like that - he'd probably pass out before he said he was hungry! It's just me worrying about him! Although I'm going to be doing all the hard work I do think it's also a challenge m to have to stay awake and calm and happy and patient for that many hours without sleep or proper food, when you haven't even got the hormones and adrenaline to keep you going! (I'm sure I won't care about his welfare this much when I'm actually in labour 😆)

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snowone Wed 03-Jun-20 13:02:49

No food was provided for my DH both times I've given birth. I got a sandwich / lunch with DD2 when I was in labour but he got nothing. We maybe got tea and toast after, I know I definitely did but I can't really remember if DH did.

HauntedGoatFart Wed 03-Jun-20 12:22:46

Pot noodles, mug shots, instant porridge pots etc sound like a good bet. In general with birth partners the rule is strictly that they are not patients and they do not get fed or catered for, they must source their own food and refrain from using patient facilities. However if you're confined to a room it's possible hospitals will throw them a tea and toast bone from time to time. Teh midwives do generally bring mum some tea and toast post the birth, especially if it's the middle of the night. One good thing you have to look forward to is the first food you have after labour - it's the best food youve ever eaten.

I would strongly advise you to brief your husband in advance that absolutely nobody wants to hear about him being hungry and/tired during your labour, so if he feels either he sorts himself out or sucks it up, otherwise at risk of being punched in the face by you and having significant eyerolls from the midwives.

mrs87 Wed 03-Jun-20 11:58:42

I saw a similar thread recently and someone suggested Mugshot type things - instant pasta/noodles that just need a kettle (and a mug if they're in a packet not a pot) but are a bit more substantial/savoury for your husband! Plus can just be packed in the hospital bag way ahead of time and will store/keep for ages! Not the most nutritious of meals but might be a convenient grab and go.

bluemoon2468 Wed 03-Jun-20 11:54:02

Thanks 😊 I wasn't really thinking about proper meals for me, more my husband! My mum was in established labour with me for 22 hours and apparently my dad kept popping out to get McDonald's from down the road! I guess they won't let my husband starve to death, but he's got a big appetite and I'm just worried about him trying to go that long, sleep-deprived, lasting on chocolate and cereal bars 😆

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HauntedGoatFart Wed 03-Jun-20 10:39:47

When labour really gets going you won't want or be able to eat. You should bring some energy-boosting snacks for during this time - sweets, dried fruit, squares of chocolate. Stuff you can suck or eat small pieces of between contractions. I had nakd bites and squares of dark chocolate.

As long as you are admitted to hospital they will serve you meals at the normal times (unless you are clearly so into labour that you won't be eating). Any birth partners or companions need to feed themselves, so again, I'd have plenty of snacks that keep in your hospital bag. That said, if you can't leave the room at all I imagine they'll hold off on admitting you until things are well underway.

edgeware Wed 03-Jun-20 10:39:32

They brought us food - sandwiches, ice lollies, toast/tea. We also brought snacks though. Hospital food isn’t available on demand so they brought my husband toast when he was hungry. Definitely bring snacks though.

grace1991 Wed 03-Jun-20 10:35:09

Following !!! Thinking exactly the same x

bluemoon2468 Wed 03-Jun-20 10:09:15

This might be a really stupid question (FTM over thinking everything) but if you're in labour in hospital for a long time are you/your partner brought any food (like hospital meals) or is it 100% up to you to provide your own food throughout the birth? We have been told that due to COVID once my husband and I are in a birthing suite neither of us are allowed to leave the room until the baby's born, so no popping out for my husband to buy himself lunch or dinner, and I'm wondering how prepared we need to be? Is it just snacks I need to be thinking of, or whole meals for my husband, seeing as we could be in there a long time?

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