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Anyone else desperately wanting to return to work?!

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Pjk1996 Wed 03-Jun-20 09:07:35

I’m a TA at a sen school and while I am so grateful work want to keep me off for my safety due to covid, I feel like I am going mad with boredom! I know things could be a lot worse but I’m really struggling mentally being off. Wondering when eventually I will be allowed back, if even before my maternity!

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Rainbowafterthestorm Wed 03-Jun-20 09:15:49

I’m a Secondary teacher. My school has pretty much kept me off the rota since March. Last week the announced plans for year 10 going back. To me the sounded very sensible and safe so I spoke to my midwife. Being at home is driving me insane too. I’m a HOD so it’s not really helping being at home in terms of data and plans for next year, it’s just making me worry. She told me that the school plans sounded good and if I wanted to go back I could. I’ve informed HR at my school and they are more than happy for me to be included in the new year 10 rota. I’d just need another risk assessment (in addition to my maternity one). I’m only 18 weeks pregnant though so it all depends on what trimester you are in. I’d speak to your school/midwife to be honest.

traceyg08 Wed 03-Jun-20 17:59:07

I'm feeling the same, I was hoping to go back this Friday but as I now have a small bump (19 weeks) I had to tell my manager and I'm now on furlough indefinitelysadMy partner works at the same place and is going back on Friday which is going to make it harder. It's frustrating as I work outdoors and can easily keep 2m from others but work are just saying no pregnant women can come back. I'm worried I'll have to be off work until after the baby comes in October. I'm trying to keep myself busy with studying for exams and going to attempt a plant sale to raise money for work (it's a charity). Work has always been my main focus and I know I'm really going to struggle with feeling like I'm not contributing but still getting paid.

ablisha Wed 03-Jun-20 21:47:39

I feel exactly the same. I'm a teacher in a secondary school.
My head called today and said HR do not want me in school (despite teachers only going back one day a week at present) but he advised I get a GP letter if I wanted to push for it. The GP has written one for me which says I'm fine to work in school up until 28 weeks.

thattravelphotographer Wed 03-Jun-20 22:38:12

I can completely relate to your post! I'm 33 weeks and my headteacher has told me she doesn't want me coming in, which means I'm away from work now until the end of my maternity leave. I'm finding the thought of not going to work for so long (having already been off for almost 3 months) really hard to swallow. I'm not for a minute considering going back at this stage in my pregnancy because nothing is worth the risk, but I feel a real loss of any sense of purpose right now and long for my work life back.

kedooo Sat 06-Jun-20 01:41:53

At least your employers are keeping you safe. My workplace is now reopening and I'm coming into my third trimester and I'm being asked to go back from Mon. I work with the public and have to get a train to work. Very worried but my employer said they're only keeping people in the v.vulnerable/shielded category off not those in the vulnerable category sad. I also miss work and being busy but feel that the safety of my baby is more important though obviously my employer doesn't see it like that

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