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Fibroids and pregnancy

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Peanut870 Tue 02-Jun-20 19:48:20

Hiya, I was wondering if anyone had any issues with fibroids during pregnancy? To cut a long story short(ish) (this might be a bit TMI for some people), I've been bleeding since just over 5 weeks, I'm now just under 12 (have scan next week). Had a scan at 6 weeks and she diagnosed a fibroid in the wall. She said it was fine. Had a scan at 8 weeks where the sonographer was less than helpful. All she said was there was a heartbeat and everything was fine. The bleeding is constant but gets heavier and lighter. Last week, I had a few days where the bleeding was minimal. This week it's come back with force! I've noticed that I get pain in a particular place when I bleed more heavily and wondered if it could be the fibroid tearing the lining or something as everything grows. Has anyone had this? There's so much blood sometimes, but not enough for the GP or EPU wanting another scan. Thank you.

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physicskate Tue 02-Jun-20 19:56:44

It's unlikely to be the fibroid causing the bleed. More likely is a haematoma.

How big is the fibroid? They can (and often do) grow during pregnancy. Only if they are very large can they cause issues (and often not even then).

Peanut870 Tue 02-Jun-20 20:26:56

Thanks, @physicskate 😊 I did wonder if it could be a haematoma but thought she would have said something at my 8 week scan? (Although she was annoyed at me for not being able to have an internal us and didn't say much to me after I told her I couldn't do it).
I would need to check the report about the size, but think it was only small at 2cm by 5cm. It's good to know fibroids rarely cause issues.
Could a haematoma cause pain do you know? It's like someone squeezing something (at the front, my right side).
Thank you so much for replying, it really helps ease my very worried mind!

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Goldenmother Tue 02-Jun-20 21:00:56

I had bleeds from 7 weeks big bleeds I was told, I only see blood once as my body was absorbing the blood I was given regular scan as they pick up that I had a fibroid blocking my cervix so all my scans were to check on the position of the fibroid which has now moved it can't be seen on my scans now and I'm 37 weeks,

MariaDingbat Tue 02-Jun-20 21:09:52

I have a fibroid, it was 3.4 across in December and has grown to 4.2 at 12 weeks pregnant. They said it's not in the cavity so wouldn't cause any issues and may vanish during the pregnancy as everything else grows around it.

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