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24 weeks pregnant, chest issues. Help?

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Emma2503 Tue 02-Jun-20 16:40:04

I’m 24 weeks pregnant, I’ve had the odd chest issue for the last 3 weeks. Been checked over by a doctor and confirmed I had anxiety which I do. As I entered my 24th week, baby suddenly had a growth spurt so I feel HUGE now, but along with this I feel like my ribs are being crushed.
I keep getting the odd chest ache in places and when I laugh, I feel like the bottoms of my ribs are digging into the womb or something.
I called triage, they told me to call 111 so I did and they’ve put me back to my doctors who only just checked me over. The midwife said it doesn’t sound like pre-eclampsia.
I’m starting to wonder if this is all in my head. Has anyone had similar and it either went away on its own? Or did something to ease it?

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