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Breech transverse

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BBumblebee Mon 01-Jun-20 22:26:52

37+4 and baby keeps turning breech and transverse I have regular growth scans and they said he's head down he's definitely not always head down at last midwife she said oh he transverse wait for scan which is Thursday and they will go from there, however when I go for my scans he seems to be head down but then changes as soon as I go home I keep telling the consultant that he changes but not sure they believe me my labour's are usually quick and I'm worried for a transverse breech and I can't get to hosp in time my last pregnancy I was 3cm at 38 weeks and then came a few days later so I'm a bit like a 40 min drive is going to worry me they don't seem that bothered by it what should I do?

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thosethreewords Mon 01-Jun-20 22:31:26

I had an ECV booked for today and my baby turned at some point before the appointment as she was head down today. I'm going to be asking for a scan to check baby's position when I go in to have her, which I've been told by a friend (obstetric doctor) is perfectly reasonable. Maybe you could do the same?

Sussexmidwife Mon 01-Jun-20 22:33:20

It would be pretty unusual for baby to be turning so much at this stage. Are you sure the midwife meant transverse lie - meaning side to side? She possibly meant/ said that baby’s head was in a transverse position (Perhaps described In the notes as LOT, ROT) and that is quite different as baby’s head is down it is just describing the way they are facing

BBumblebee Tue 02-Jun-20 07:54:26

He is a cheeky monkey and has been switching from transverse to head down ba k to transverse quite alot she told me his bum was over to my side and his head the other side of my hip but last night today I definitely felt kicking in my bits quite alot and the head hiccuping under my breast bone normally I feel the hiccups under my bellybutton and low down in the pelvis, when I go to my regular midwife she says she not sure where baby is lying and they pretty much say that in the hospital until I have a scan then tell me where he is lying the last 2 was head down but before that he was breech and transverse onscreen, I feel when he flips it makes me feel sick and it really hurts I'm surprised he moves as much as it aswell because with my other 2 they were head down from 20 weeks and didn't budge, the reason they said this one was movi c so much at my 36 week scan was because his legs are plunder the 3rd percentile and he still got room to move but he's been packing on weight so I thought he wouldn't move the consultant just told me if I go into labour at home and I can feel the cord etc I'd have to call an ambulance it worries me I hope he flips back as they said about sweeps in Thursday if the scan shows he is head down I just dont feel he is very secure 🤔

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mouse1234567 Tue 02-Jun-20 08:02:28

My baby didn’t go head down till an ECV appointment last week -which luckily I never had to have. I’m 38 weeks -as pp said -make sure you ask for a scan when you go into labour explaining that they were a late breech just to double check. Good luck.

Sussexmidwife Tue 02-Jun-20 08:13:21

I understand why you are concerned. When a is so mobile if the waters break there is a chance that the cord will come down in front of the baby (cord prolapse). This is an emergency situation. If that happens it is really important not to touch the cord (after the time you touch and realise what it is). Get down on all fours, stick your bottom in the air (to tip baby's weight away from where the cord is & so avoid the cord getting squashed) and phone 999 saying it is a cord prolapse.
I strongly suggest you ring the hospital today & explain what you are feeling (as you have done here) because that is a good description of an unstable lie (baby changing from cephalic to transverse to breech). Explain that you are worried because of the time it will take you to get there and that you are aware of the chance of a cord prolapse. In many hospitals it would be suggested that you stay in until labour starts and/or that you have a "controlled ARM" to start labour. This is where we check how baby is lying and when they are head down we break the waters and support baby's head as it moves right down into the pelvis. Once it is there it acts as a plug & the cord can't then prolapse.
As a midwife I personally would not do a sweep with an unstable lie & send you home.
Hope all goes well x

BBumblebee Tue 02-Jun-20 15:51:58

Thank you I'm going to wait till scan and consultant on Thursday morning and I think I'm ggooing to really push them and tell them that he is still turning around and I'm not happy if I go into labour I'm worried but I know all hospitals are different and some send people home until they go into labour then decide I suppose at least I'm aware but really scared I'll make sure I'm persistent on Thursday morning and really drill it in to them that my labour's are quick and that's what is worrying me more

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