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Ben and Jerry’s ice cream

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Shanlou12 Mon 01-Jun-20 22:16:52

Can you eat Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream when pregnant says contains egg but doesn’t say Pasturised is this ok?

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villamariavintrapp Mon 01-Jun-20 22:30:45

Their website says it's all fine-don't worry!

THNG5 Mon 01-Jun-20 22:38:06

I've eaten bucket loads in all my pregnancies! Never even thought about it. So far, 3 healthy children and a smooth 4th pregnancy. Enjoy!

Shanlou12 Mon 01-Jun-20 23:35:29

Thanks grinso glad about this haha

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Shankairen Tue 02-Jun-20 00:53:28

Don't worry so much! I'm guessing you're a first time mum-I was like this at the start. Pretty much all eggs etc everything is pasteurised nowadays unless it's come from another country. So you'll be fine x

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