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Worried about another miscarriage

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Kelcat9494 Mon 01-Jun-20 20:20:24

Hi everyone,
I'm currently 6+2 weeks pregnant, I've not really had any symptoms about from sensitive nipples and my tummy hurts now and again, mild and temporary- these come and go - is this normal?

I took another pregnancy test this morning as when I had my miscarriage the tests became faint then negative and it's a very strong line which appeared straight away. I don't know if this makes a difference

I had a miscarriage in January and everything is scary.

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RaN88 Mon 01-Jun-20 20:29:14

Congratulations! Can't tell you what's normal as this is quite new to me too. I'm 8+4. When I was 6 weeks I had barely any symptoms, breasts didn't feel heavy or tender but nipples slightly sore and only if I prodded them!! I had mild lower tummy cramping which went at about 7 weeks. Right now, nipple soreness is still on and off to be honest but I'm finally feeling the nausea and intense food aversions to the point I'm struggling to eat anything at all. I just remember at 6 weeks telling my husband how easy this was and how I'm coping well... We're both laughing at that now!!

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