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What week to start monitoring movement

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LusciousV Mon 01-Jun-20 21:57:46

Babies don't generally form a pattern of movement until 28 weeks. I called triage at 24 weeks with reduced movement and they said they wouldn't see anyone until 28 weeks and to contact my midwife if I was concerned and she'd check the heartbeat with a Doppler for reassurance.

I'm 38 weeks now and baby still doesn't have a distinct pattern to be honest. I feel movement at specific times of the day but the intensity and duration of the kicks/rolls, etc. vary a lot.

There is no set amount of kicks you should feel either, it's about learning what's 'normal' for you (which takes a while).

Shankairen Mon 01-Jun-20 16:40:22

My midwife told me to call in if you think movements are reduced or different to usual once you get to 24 weeks. I started thinking about movements as soon as I started to get them,but from 23 weeks I have made sure they're around the same time everyday as he has a routine. As soon as you get a routine,start making sure they're not reducing. You will obviously start to feel them stronger/more until you're further along as the baby will get bigger and have less space,but yeah start tracking as soon as you get a routine/around 24 weeks if you haven't got one yet.

sel2223 Mon 01-Jun-20 10:32:46

You should be keeping an eye on movements as soon as you start feeling them tbh as you know your own body better than anyone else so, any concerns, it's worth giving your MAU a ring for advice. Always better to be safe than sorry.

As an aside from that, 22 weeks is still very early (I didn't feel movements at all until after that). Most women will feel movements by 24 weeks which should steadily increase, then they normally see a proper pattern forming from 28 weeks.

I was advised to start properly 'counting the kicks' from 28 weeks.

Baby is still really small before this point so has plenty of room to move around. The slightest change in position can make a big difference to how much movement you feel and how frequent the movements are.

crazychemist Mon 01-Jun-20 10:30:06

Keep an eye on it as soon as you can regularly feel it. With DD1, there were some positions I could feel her movements more easily in to start with, so very variable what I felt. I think by about 20 weeks I could feel her fairly well and knew what was normal for her. I assume if they reduce at any stage it’s worth contacting MW as they could check heartbeat to look for signs of distress?

Mrspeachhh Mon 01-Jun-20 09:58:04

Hi, what week do you start to monitor movement? And call up the mw if they’re reduced? 22 weeks and feeling daily movement so just wondering.

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