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Nursery Furniture

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Shiks1 Sun 31-May-20 23:09:22

Hey this is my first message...would really appreciate some advice...When would you start to buy furniture e.g. cot/bed, crib, changing table/dresser, just essential baby bits? I'm usually last but trying to be organised smile Any recommendations where to buy from? It's generally all safe?...(re cots as huge range in price) Thanks

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Giganticshark Sun 31-May-20 23:16:38

Ikea and John Lewis are good. We bought our cot from JL and mattress from ikea. Changing tables were vastly differing in price but we hit a great one from ikea.
They also have fab little storage boxes for putting nappies, creams etc in.
Changing mats - got an awful inflatable one from ikea. Best one we had was from a supermarket. Rather than buy special covers just use a muslin cloth on the mat (it can be chilly that plastic!)
Wardrobe and toy storage from ikea. We prefer colour to wooden

LouiseTrees Sun 31-May-20 23:20:17

I would look at what you want but not but anything until after your 20 week scan but make sure you have it all by 36 weeks. Sadly it’s not all generally safe eg a sleepyhead increases the risk of SIDS but they are marketed everywhere. For car seats I would recommend John Lewis or Halfords as they do in car fittings in non Covid times. For prams there is likely to be a local pram centre near you- there are so so many big brand options and most are of reasonably good quality. For cots and changing tables we have mamas and papas brand with a silver cross mattress (also bought from the local pram centre as they built the furniture up) and we also have a tutti bambini cozzee side sleeper cot for while the baby is in our room. The main thing with a big cot is that upright slats can’t be more than 6cm apart and most big we’ll know brands will conform to that and making sure that the mattress fits the cot snuggly and is not second hand.

LouiseTrees Sun 31-May-20 23:23:49

Oh changing mat covers, not a good idea to buy ones with them on, cleaning is awful but get a wipe down one and use a cheap white towel from matalan rather than a muslin because I wouldn’t be able to get past thinking that’s now a face muslin (having been washed) but she peed on that grinyesterday!

Astraj Sun 31-May-20 23:37:50

We got a cotbed, wardrobe and drawers with changing top from silver cross, its white and looks lovely, really good quality was easy to put together and came with a mattress, was on sale and cost £550.
Bedside cot was from smyths toys (babylo cozi sleeper) comes with mattress and sheet for £90, really good buy, baby has slept lovely in it from birth till now 6.5 months.
For naps down stairs we got a kalli baby nest, baby slept great in this aswell.
You can get some nice bits from Asda/George like sheets, blankets.
Enjoy shopping x

copperoliver Mon 01-Jun-20 00:50:17

John Lewis I like Bori. X

Shiks1 Mon 01-Jun-20 10:42:57

Thanks so much loved a few of the ideas I loved silver cross but 3 piece is over £1000 from John Lewis...(perhaps I'll wait for the sale ;) ) and the wardrobe looks tiny. Loved the tutti bambini cozee and sleepyhead (though had nonidea abt SIDs sad )!! Getting things from Asda such a good idea so reasonable. I only thought of IKEA yday. I was gna go with mama'sand papas but really bad reviews atm hubby was like it's good to hear some positive feedback. Loved the idea of Muslin on changing plastic mat...thanks so much for all your responses...only 17 wks atm so will hang in for a bit longer. Really appreciate the help xxx

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Astraj Thu 04-Jun-20 23:20:15

I brought the furniture from the silver cross website. I got the Bromley set, it's currently £650, including a mattress, the wardrobe is a good size, 2 hanging rails and a top shelf.

RyvitaBrevis Fri 05-Jun-20 00:34:07

Just a word of caution, if you go the IKEA route, it's important to screw the furniture to the wall (eg for chests of drawers with or without changing table tops).

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