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Movements/kicks 30 weeks

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H82Bx Sun 31-May-20 22:46:13

Good evening everyone

I am 30+4 pregnant with 1st baby and have noticed a reduction in baby's kicks.
Yesterday I noticed she was really quiet with the odd big kick here & there, I could still feel her moving around in there but she has always been mega active and kicking around lots and lots. I tried not to overthink it as I could still feel her moving every so often so was thinking maybe she was having a quiet day? If that's even possible?
Later on yesterday evening whilst laying down she done a few big kicks (one of them on her dads head lol) so I felt a bit more relaxed and she was wriggling about for a little while but shortly after I fell into a long sleep until this morning.
Again today she has been really "quiet" I feel her moving every now and then & minimal big kicks and I am really worried. Usually If I i gently give my belly a wiggle or jump about she kicks or wiggles back & also sometimes respond to her dad talking to the bump, but I've been wiggling, snacking etc & not having a lot back? I just feel a little movement in there but no kicks that often or as often as a few days ago. I will be calling the midwife first thing in the morning. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I know they say as the baby gets bigger the movements reduce but the midwifes I've seen have never said this it's just what I've read online? I just feel sick with worry as she's always been such an active baby as soon as I started to feel her kicks and movements so bit worrying as Friday she was kicking & I was getting lovely videos of her kicking and my stomach juggling around to now her minimally kicking and the movements seemed to have slowed?

Thanks in advance x

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Beau2020 Sun 31-May-20 22:50:59

I'm 30+6 and also had a similar worry yesterday! I've always had an active baby from around 16 weeks and she's moved constantly literally 24/7. Then yesterday she completely was quiet for the whole day but I did feel moves with reassured but they were very weak like you say. I worried for 1 day but today her kicks are back to normal again!

I don't know, perhaps she was just having a rest! I'm trying to not worry too much as long as I can feel her but like you say for peace of mind it's best to get a check xx

H82Bx Sun 31-May-20 22:56:09

@Beau2020 thank you for replying
It's so scary! Especially when they've been mega active to minimal 😫
She usually seems to get really active late at night (around this time) and she's still really quiet which is so worrying. This time yesterday I was long asleep but this time on Friday it was like she was having a disco in there. I can't wait to call the midwife tomorrow, I probably won't sleep too well as will be constantly waiting for her next movement xx

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LusciousV Sun 31-May-20 23:28:54

If you haven't done so already, have a cold drink or sugary snack and lie down on your left side for an hour. If you still don't feel baby moving then give triage a call and they will get you in and put you on a monitor just to check. Your little one is probably fine but it's better to be safe than sorry. If you are concerned about movement after trying the things I've suggested (which were suggested to me when I called triage re reduced movements) then don't delay getting checked x

SospanFrangipan Sun 31-May-20 23:49:39

Call your local day unit, please! They would prefer you to go in and it be nothing than sit at home worrying and something be wrong. Have a look at the kicks count website. I was in and out from 30 weeks with reduced movement, to the point I ended up going three times a week for monitoring xx

UrsulaSings Mon 01-Jun-20 01:06:52

Call the hospital triage. The number should be in your green notes. They are on duty 24/7. I wouldn't delay anymore if its already been 2 days.

FeedTheFish Mon 01-Jun-20 01:15:28

Please call your maternity assessment unit immediately. This is not something you mess around with. If you notice reduced movements you should always call them straight away. Don't ever put it off hoping they'll eventually increase. The reduced movements thing as they get bigger is a total myth. It's not true at all. Hopefully you're still awake and see this. If you are then please call MAU now. They'll give you instructions on what to do and whether or not they want you to go in to get checked over.

Do also install the Kicks Count app. It's really useful for keeping track of movements.

Good luck. I really hope baby is ok. Let us know how you get on.

Ironytheoppositeofwrinkly Mon 01-Jun-20 01:45:11

Please, please, please call triage now. I'm not gonna post my story here for fear of upsetting anyone, but if you look at my previous post history, you'll see that I fell victim to not getting my baby checked when her movements reduced.

H82Bx Mon 01-Jun-20 11:23:10

Thank you all for your replies
I am on my way to the maternity assessment unit now, feel absolutely terrified but trying to keep positive & just keep thinking that she's being a little diva and she's fine but like you all said it's better to go and it be nothing then to not get it checked at all. I will give everyone an update as soon as I've been seen (hopefully won't be waiting too long).
Thank you all again xx

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sel2223 Mon 01-Jun-20 11:44:02

@H82Bx pleased you are on your way to get checked out. It's always better to be safe than sorry!

Please try not to worry though, I'm sure everything is absolutely fine. I'm 30 weeks on Thursday and still get the odd quiet day. I've been in for monitoring before and everything was absolutely fine, she'd just changed position so I couldn't feel as much.

FeedTheFish Mon 01-Jun-20 13:44:32

How did you get on, OP? Hope you and little one are ok.

H82Bx Mon 01-Jun-20 14:35:18

Hi everyone
Just got back from the hospital & little one is fine which is a huge huge huge relief. I had some monitoring and a scan & midwifes were pleased with the outcome of these. They did say that the baby is a bit smaller than average but nothing of concern as all in safe guidelines, she just may be a petit baby. They said I am a bit dehydrated so that may have contributed to lack of movements and kicks but sometimes babies can have quieter days but always better to check instead of leaving. I Will be making sure I drink more water too.

Thank you all again for your kind messages & support, I am relieved everything is fine & counting down the days until she's due to make her arrival💕
Enjoy the rest of your day everyone xxx

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MrsGEW Mon 01-Jun-20 17:58:00

I'm 35+4 and I've had exactly the same experience as you OP - I've been to the maternity unit with reduced movements today and I have been told little man is fine but that dehydration may have been contributed to reduced movements this past 24 hours! There has been a lot of cases of reduced movements going into my maternity unit which they believe is caused by this.
So whilst it won't explain reduced movements every time it really will help to stay well hydrated in this weather!
Whilst I was there I was diagnosed with unusually high blood pressure though so I'm now on medication for the rest of my pregnancy so in the end if was definitely not a wasted trip in the end!!

H82Bx Mon 01-Jun-20 20:53:48

@MrsGEW it's terrifying! But not a wasted trip at all! I always drink as much as I can but I supposed it's easily done to get dehydrated, especially in this heat. I'll be setting reminders on my phone to drink more water so I don't forget lol.
That sucks about your blood pressure,but like you said not a wasted trip!
Stay safe X

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