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help-can`t feel my baby anymore

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puglover Fri 21-Sep-07 15:05:25

i`m 27+4 weeks and havn`t felt my baby move since last night. She`s normally so active in the day.I`m so scared she`s died.I`ve tried getting her to move by all the suggested methods but no joy.Phhoned the antenantal assessment clinic 1 hour ago but not interested as i`m not 28 weeks -but only 2 days off!! They said they would get my midwife to contact me but she hasn`t yet, is quite unreliable and i`ve got to pick my son up from pre-school soon.I lost my previous 2 pregnancies and I`m very scared.If anyone has any suggestions on what to do I would really appreciate it.

CountessDracula Fri 21-Sep-07 15:06:30

Oh you poor thing you must be worried sick

I would just go in to antenatal place and demand some help

puglover Fri 21-Sep-07 15:08:10

thought about that Countess but I actually live 20 miles away from the hospital i`m booked into so can`t risk being turned away.

tortoiseSHELL Fri 21-Sep-07 15:08:11

Don't panic! What stage did you lose your last two pregnancies at? If you can't get through to your midwife, pick up your ds and go to the delivery suite of your hospital, they will monitor you. Don't even phone, just turn up, and 'be very worried' iyswim. Or A&E is another option.

Reasons not to panic - baby may have changed position so is kicking 'inwards' iyswim, or just having a sleepy day. But you DO need to be seen imo.

Have you tried drinking ice cold orange juice and lying on your left side for half an hour?

Hope all is well - let us know!

sillybillybee Fri 21-Sep-07 15:08:43

Agree with CD, turn up and demand to be seen.

tortoiseSHELL Fri 21-Sep-07 15:08:54

Living 20 miles away is a GOOD thing - gives you more leverage to DEMAND to be seen! Esp. if you have ds in tow, and are seen to be worried. Where are you?

newy Fri 21-Sep-07 15:11:52

This is probably a really, really terrible thing to say, but if they have said they won't see you (wtf?) then say you have had a couple of pains as well...You shouldn't have to fib about this, of course they should see you anyway but it does mean they will do a scan. Please no-one shoot me, I'm trying to help.

Marina Fri 21-Sep-07 15:12:41

Oh puglover you poor woman.
You lost two babies previously - turn up there, after you've got your ds, and insist on being checked.
Good luck XXX

puglover Fri 21-Sep-07 15:13:06

I lost 1 at 6 weeks and the other at 23 weeks. i live in hinckley and am booked in with the leicester royal infirmary.Lady on the phone wasn`t particularly nice.Don`t really want to take my son with me in case bad news.He has been through this with my previous lost pregnancy and will just be really confused.I have a nearer a+E though,although i suspect they will tell me to call my midwife.

sugar34plum Fri 21-Sep-07 15:13:41

lying in the bath got all of mine moving. ts is right she may just be in a different position or sleepin well ready to kick you all night. If not hospital what about going to gp they can listen in too and if they think you need mw they can get you in immediately.

try not to worry. Easier said than done i know. Im sure all is well x

Sarahjct Fri 21-Sep-07 15:13:42

I had this last week (I'm 24 weeks). She was really wriggly then she stopped completely. To cut a long story short I had a week of total silence and then she started up again and hasn't stopped.

Someone said they go a bit quiet when they're having a bit of a growth spurt but I don't know if that was just to make me feel better.

If you can get hold of your MW easily then definitely give her a call to put your mind at rest. I couldn't, so I fretted about it for a week and it was the longest week of my life.

I'm sure it's all fine but better to know that for sure so you can relax.

newy Fri 21-Sep-07 15:14:36

If your a&E have a pregnancy unit there, they can refer you to be seen by gynae/obstetrics and you should get a scan within an hour or 2?

batters Fri 21-Sep-07 15:15:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

puglover Fri 21-Sep-07 15:16:12

thanks guys.I`ve decided to go to a+e now as just can`t bear to wait any longer.Will let u know what happens.

Sarahjct Fri 21-Sep-07 15:16:44

Sorry, that'll teach me to answer without reading posts properly. What the hell's wrong with them that they won't see you with your history?

Going to the hospital sounds like the best plan to me. They'll be able to reassure you and you might as well just cut out the dragon on the phone. Dealing with that sort won't help at all.

NormaStanleyFletcher Fri 21-Sep-07 15:16:45

Another option is to call NHS direct, who usually order you to go to hospital to be on the safe side - you can then turn up saying that NHS direct told you to.

Hope all is OK for you

NormaStanleyFletcher Fri 21-Sep-07 15:17:23

Oh good luck at a&e

puglover Fri 21-Sep-07 15:18:51

just this second got a phone call from midwife who is in hinckley now and will come along shortly to see me with a sonicaid.feel so relieved and shocked at the good service!

Boco Fri 21-Sep-07 15:19:14

Good luck at a&e, hope everything is ok.

Boco Fri 21-Sep-07 15:19:51

Oh x post - that's good news, keep us posted x

NoNameToday Fri 21-Sep-07 15:20:19

Puglover, just present yourself at delivery suite and request an examination on the basis of no fetal movements.

28 weeks used to be the cut of date to differentiate between viability/non viability of the fetus, but that is many years out of date.

Hopefully, all will be well and they will hear the fetal heart and/or do ctg.

Worry is no good for you or baby, reassurance is what you need.

NoNameToday Fri 21-Sep-07 15:21:17

Cross post.... hope all is well.

tortoiseSHELL Fri 21-Sep-07 15:47:30

Oh I'm glad your mw is coming - really hoping you're reassured, and nothing's amiss. xxx

Jobi1 Fri 21-Sep-07 15:48:28

I had the same at about 28+5, we ended up at the women's hospital and they were great. We were both so scared, but thankfully little one started jumping almost as soon as we were hooked up. What a relief. I hope the midwife is with you very soon and that you are ok xxx

funnypeculiar Fri 21-Sep-07 15:49:39

good luck - hope all's well (& defn do another cold drink & lie on your side whilst you're waiting smile)

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