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Third trimester shred

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Nelbert19 Sun 31-May-20 12:40:12

Ok, shredding may be a bit extreme, but I was wondering if anybody else was working out in their third trimester to prepare for labour?

I've been strength training for years, but had an AWFUL first trimester (and beyond) with hyperemesis, so am feeling completely deconditioned now. I've still been walking 3-6 miles a day throughout second trimester, but would really like to regain some strength and stamina in preparation for labour and post partum recovery.

Because I'm so deconditioned, I'm starting with very low weights/body weight only, but wondered if anyone else would like to share their work out and/or join in for some motivation! My starter workout is as follows...

1) Squats (bodyweight only) - 10 x 3
2) Arnie presses 2kg - 15 x 3
3) Bicep curls 5kg - 20 x 3
4) Tricep dips (bodyweight) - 8 x 3
5) Glute bridges (adapted, bodyweight only) 10 x 3
6) Lateral leg raises (resistance bands ordered) 10x3
7) Clams 10x3

I'm used to heavier weights and fewer reps, but thought this would be a good place to start while hefting my giant bump around! I did my first session this morning and was shocked at how difficult I found it, which has made me much more determined to get strong and fit before labour! 8 weeks til due date, so will be doing the above 3 x weekly until then!

Anybody else want to join me?

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