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Justme1235 Sun 31-May-20 12:27:03

Hi, this is long winded but I could really do with some advice. I came off contraception in August. Periods were normal, lasting 5 days and 28 days in between. I was a week late for my period in November. Could have sworn I was pregnant, but a blood test came back negative. Anyways, had 2 periods 2 weeks apart in January. Then periods went back to normal again. To now... My last period was 8th April, lasted 5 days and was 28 days between like normal. But my period after that then came on the 27th April, 9 days early. It lasted on and off for 2 weeks, but it didn't seem like a normal period at all, it was just constant pink spotting through out the 14 days. Again, negative pregnancy tests. I estimated my next week (28 days after the last one started) to be 25th May... Its not arrived. I'm pretty sure I ovulated on the 10th May, cramps and stringy discharge. I tested on Friday (29th May) negative. I have no idea what's going on. Anyone got any advice?

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