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HELP - bleeding

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Nightowl92 Sat 30-May-20 22:00:49


Again I’m posting on behalf of my friend. She’s currently 5 weeks pregnant after a year trying to conceive. Due to her health issues she staggered Fragmin injections given by her consultant yesterday and today she’s started bleeding she says it’s not as heavy as a period but more than spotting and Was bright red and is now like a brown colour. She called 111 and they advised they can’t do scans over the weekend. I wondered If anyone had anything similar and could give any reassurance for her?

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Nightowl92 Sat 30-May-20 22:33:44

*Started Fragmin

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Literaryseed Sat 30-May-20 22:36:36

Early pregnancy bleeding can be common OP and the sad reality is she won't know if it's ok for a few days or more. It's really too early for her to get a scan, they won't be able to see anything conclusive. I've had bleeding at 6 weeks with DD and also had bleeding in two other pregnancies which were losses. Could only suggest she takes a pregnancy test in a few days if the bleeding continues.

Nightowl92 Sun 31-May-20 00:25:27

I’m sorry to hear about your miscarriages.Thank you so much for replying 💐 I just want to be able to give her some hope/assurance as I know she’s thinking the worst 😔 xxxx

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